♦ Overcoming religious problems

In this video Daniel Dennett makes some interesting points about the role of education in overcoming religious problems. He points out that some religious groups are “toxic”, while others are benign. I guess that this is one way of saying that some groups promote terrorism, hatred and guilt whereas others promote positive values. Dennett observes that it is the “toxic” religions which are opposed to their members learning about other beliefs and suggests that education about world religions would go a long way to overcoming these religious problems. I suggest that this education should also include non-religious beliefs as the non-religious are often targeted by “toxic” religions.

(see Teaching religion for further comments.

2 responses to “♦ Overcoming religious problems

  1. I’m the pastor of a Christian church. I think Dennett’s thinking is ital to the church’s continuance..


  2. thebentangle

    This is good. Just in the past few days, I’ve been having a discussion with a visitor to my blogspot about the religious underpinnings of homophobia, and I cited a passage from Daniel Dennett’s “Breaking the Spell.” You’ll find that discussion in the comments following the “Sliding Down the Slope Toward Triads” entry, and the Dennett quotation is in the entry called “The Religion-Homophobia Connection.” The site is http://thebentangle.wordpress.com/



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