♦ “I’m an atheist, but ……”

Religious criticism of the recent atheist books is expected. However there are atheists critics of these books and they are an interesting group. Often they will say: “I’m an atheist, but . . .” and then make criticisms which are often more scathing than those of the religious critics. A review of The God Delusion in the New Zealand Listener last February (No Doubt) is a local example.

In his preface of the most recent, paperback, edition of The God Delusion Richard Dawkins responds to this group of critics. His response is insightful, sometimes funny and sometimes sad. He read this preface to a group from the Center for Inquiry on a recent cruise to the Galapagos. Videos of the presentation and the subsequent question and answer session are below. However, be prepared to be shocked by the unusual sight of the normally dapper Dr Dawkins in T-shirt, shorts and jandels!

Richard Dawkins reading preface of The God Delusion (25 min)

Question and answer session (33 min)

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