Debating science and religion

Richard DawkinsScientific American recently published a discussion between Richard Dawkins and Lawrence M. Krauss. This dealt with aspects of science and religion and how science should deal with religious questions. I commented on an abridged version of this discussion in Can science enrich faith? The extended version of the Krauss/Dawkins discussion has now been published and is worth reading. (Click links for pdf versions of abridged and extended discussions)

Besides covering the question of how science can enrich faith this extended discussion also deals with questions like:

  • How can we know if a god exists?
  • Should we be concerned with this question?
  • Is it possible to break free of religion or is it a fundamental component of some people’s psyche?

The differences between Dawkins and Krauss are sharper on these question than on that of the possiblity of science enriching faith. The discussion provides plenty of food for thought for anyone interested on the relationship between science and religion.

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