Anti-slavery petition

This one is for New Zealanders. The question of slave labour in other countries is very relevant to us as it can be a reason for our cheap imports. Something we should think about! Go to the Trade Aid website for more details and to sign the petition (Full text below). The petition closes on August 23, 2007.

As New Zealanders we have a proud heritage of leading the way for social change. In 1840, NZ workers were among the first in the world to claim the right to an 8 hour work day, in 1893 we were first to get women the vote and in 1938 we led the world with our Social Security Act.

As New Zealanders we have laws for minimum wages, equal opportunities, anti-racism and in 1993 we ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child because we believe in basic human rights for all. But did you know that NZ does not have a law banning the sale of products that use slave labour?

Slave labour plays a part in some of the products you buy everyday. The chocolate you eat, the food and drink you consume, the fibres you wear and more…

If you believe slave labour (in all its forms) is wrong then join us in asking the NZ government to pass a law against the importation of products that contain slave labour. In asking for this law we are not leading the way – we are in fact lagging behind. The United States already has laws in place to ban slave labour product imports and now they also have a bill in front of Congress which goes further still and asks for anti-sweatshop legislation to apply to imported products.

It is only in having a law in place that companies known to use slave labour in their supply chains can be questioned and tried in a court of law.

Slavery is on the rise around the world – help us ban the sale of these products in NZ.

Join Trade Aid and concerned individuals around NZ in asking our government to do the right thing.

Sign the petition

You can sign this petition at the Trade Aid website

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