My senior moment!

My brainApologies to anyone attempting to make a comment and finding that non-wordpress members were excluded. I was recently checking through some of the options and clicked a box I didn’t understand. Now I do! (Perhaps this just underlines the importance to any theory of the need to test things in practice – one of my themes!). Thanks Dale for bringing the blunder to my attention.

I welcome comments and had absolutely no intention of limiting or moderating them. Only obvious spam or offensive material gets removed.

Yes, this is my brain and I have often wondered about the missing pieces.

2 responses to “My senior moment!

  1. So, that your think tank is, um. I guess the missin’ pieces must’ave gone off to Albert Hall. πŸ™‚

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now Mr. Perrot. I like it. Good an’ clear writing. Keep it up.



  2. Ken,

    (humorous sarcasm implied!)
    Obviously, you can see that the hole in your brain is the throne of God – more specifically the throne of the Judeo-Christian version of God…)

    HA – kidding… of course.



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