Coming under the influence

Current attempts to form a new Christian political party in New Zealand do bring to mind the comment that “they couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” (see Fresh bickering leaves Christian party in further disarray). I think many Christians are pleased to see these attempts fail. Partly because they feel that politics and religion should not be mixed in this country. But also because most Christians reject the policies of the Destiny Church and its Bishop Brian Tamaki. Current views in feedback to the NZ Herald indicate strong opposition.

New Zealanders have become familiar with the black shirt marches of Tamaki’s supporters and their attempts to create a “Christian Nation” which condones beating of children and imposition of conservative religious values.

The real ambitions of the Destiny Church, Bishop Brian Tamaki and the (now defunct) Destiny Party’s leader Richard Lewis is summed up in the Church “mission statement” prominent on the wall of their headquarters during recent TV interviews:

“Eventually everything will come under our influence.”


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One response to “Coming under the influence

  1. Hey Ken,

    Good topic. I am one Christian who is opposed to the Destiny approach, though I try to recognise (or leave room for?) their positive points. I have heard that they do a lot of service in the communities around them, and can’t fault them on that. I’m not the slightest bit excited about the recent events, but too many Christians jump on the Destiny-bashing band-wagon… I wish not to, however tempting it is…

    Moving on from that, I personally try to avoid the term ‘religion’, especially when in the context of politics. I think the statement ‘religion shouldn’t mix with politics’ is misleading. I prefer the term ‘worldview’ as we all have one. (This also is the problem with a NZS’R’D – the problem being the word that ‘R’ stands for… yep… ‘religion’… it excludes non-theists/atheists).

    We each bring our worldview into our political influence (whether as a voter, or office-holder). The problem is not that we bring our worldview into our politics, it’s how we do it. As a Christian, I think my brothers and sisters should not try to ultimately ‘change the nation’ via legislation or political brute force, but rather via example and influence. Could say more, but won’t…

    Add to that my concern that Christians are hugely mistaken when they speak of ‘moral issues’… As opposed to what? EVERYTHING is moral! Family issues, yes; but also human rights, environmental concerns, education, business ethics… I’d love for any Christian to name ONE issue that doesn’t matter to our God.



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