Stand with Burma petition

Burmese monksFor those concerned about the current problems in Burma there is a petition organised by to urge international action in defence of the Burmese people. This from the web site:

After decades of military dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising – and they need our help. Marches begun by monks and nuns have snowballed, bringing hundreds of thousands to the streets. Now the crackdown has begun…

When the Burmese last marched in 1988, the military massacred thousands. But if the world stands up and supports their struggle, this time they could succeed. We’ll send our petition to United Nations Security Council members (including the dictatorship’s main backer China) and to media at the UN, while also alerting the Burmese to our support.

Stand with Burma petition

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world. For decades the Burmese regime has fought off pressure–imprisoning elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and democracy activists, wiping out thousands of villages, imposing forced labour, creating refugees-

But last Tuesday Buddhist monks and nuns, revered in Burma, began marching and chanting prayers. The protests spread as hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and public figures joined in, finding the hope they’d lost. Now they’re facing crackdown – so please, show your solidarity to this movement towards reconciliation and democracy and sign the emergency petition supporting the Burmese people — it’ll be delivered to United Nations Security Council members and international media all week:

Stand with Burma petition

In the past, Burma’s military rulers have massacred the demonstrators and crushed democracy. The world must stand with the Burmese people at this time, to show the military rulers that the world will not tolerate repression and violence.

Right now, global leaders are gathering in New York for the annual United Nations summit. In speeches, press interviews but also in real actions, we need them to show Burma’s military junta that the global community is willing to act in solidarity with the protesters.

Show your solidarity to this movement for peace and democracy and sign the emergency petition supporting the Burmese people. It’ll be delivered to UN Security Council members and the UN press corps all week:

Stand with Burma petition

Thank you for your help!

5 responses to “Stand with Burma petition

  1. I signed it! Good job in relaying the info for others to see!


  2. This brutality has to stop


  3. Tell the Generals to live on the Auckland Islands


  4. lk0oyGa594QuJ


  5. people this is just the outline of what has happened in Burma…more 20 thousand muslims have been killed in burma (and at this point your like “yeah Right”..but its on the internet…the news is no where in site..people are dying everyday there……WE MUST MAKE A NEW PETITION TO STOP THIS…..MAKE THE WORLD AWARE OF WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING


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