Lies and misinformation

I suppose we should be used to it by now. Whenever atheists assert a human right to publicly talk about their beliefs they are attacked. And the attackers don’t worry too much about truth. You only have to look through some of the reviews of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins to find liberal use of straw men, misrepresentation and lies. Many of these reviewers don’t appear to have even read the book they attack.

The recent Atheist Alliance International Convention has come in for its share of misrepresentation. The anti-liberal Cybercast News Service used the headline Religion Must Be Destroyed, Atheist Alliance Declares but did not bother providing any evidence of such a declaration from the convention in its article! And the website gave us the headline: DEMOCRATIC PARTY: sponsors National Athiest Convention; where are your tax dollars going? And what was their evidence for this? “The Atheist Alliance International describes itself as a ‘democratic national atheist organization in the United States.'”

You really have to wonder about how these people think. On the one hand they claim a higher morality because they belief in a god who will punish them for transgression. Yet, on the other hand, they are prepared to tell such outright lies. Does their god allows them to lie when it comes to atheists?

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