Expelled – the movies

Intelligent design proponents are currently promoting Ben Stein’s film Expelled. There are campaigns in the USA offering financial inducements to get the film shown to students. And many religious web sites are advertising the film, even in New Zealand where 75% of the population accept evolutionary science.

While the film has not yet been officially released it is being shown to specially selected audience in the USA, usually at Churches. Anybody likely to review the film has to sign a non-disclosure “statement of confidentiality”. However, have a read of the review by Roger Moore who was invited to a showing by mistake and managed to avoid signing the agreement.

The US House Democratic leader Dan Gelber of Miami Beach has commented on the private showings: ”It’s kind of an irony: The public is expelled from a movie called Expelled.

However, we do have two 8 min trailer promoting the film. There is some confusion, though, as they seem to be about two different films – expressing objection to evolutionary science by two different religions. Have a look at both of them to see if you would bother with either of the Expelled films.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Expelled (8 min)

Ben Stein Expelled (8 min)

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  1. The FSM version required an edit, so the new version is available here: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=vaULFAZMK1o


  2. Thanks Ian – I’ve fixed the links so they now work.


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