Should Dawkins have been Expelled?

Have these intelligent design/creationists lost the plot?

For a long time they have identified evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins as their prime enemy. I would think they would recognise the man (although their habit of publishing edited videos and manipulated images of him on their websites may have blunted their recognition.

But have a look at this ironic story from Prof. P. Z Myers. Myers was today turned away from a pre-release showing of the creeationist propaganda movie Expelled. When it came for his turn to sign in and show his ID an official told him that he had been denied permission to attend by the film’s producer. Myers was expelled form the Expelled showing.

However, this official was so busy evicting Myers they did not notice his guest – Richard Dawkins. Prof. Dawkins was admitted to the showing.

Or was the ‘oversight’ due to Dawkins impending retirement?

Now, Dawkins was one of the scientists who was dishonestly interviewed for this film (the interviewers misrepresented their purpose) and his comments were no doubt be badly misrepresented in the film. So his comments on the film will be interesting.

Go to P Z Myers blog (Pharyngula) and his positing EXPELLED! for more on this unfolding story.

Also, keep your eyes on for a possible interesting review of Expelled.

Have a look at So what does Dawkins think of “Expelled” for Richard dawkins initial comments.

9 responses to “Should Dawkins have been Expelled?

  1. Honestly, I expect they never even thought of the possibility that Dawkins would be in the U.S. at the same time as their showings.


  2. It was ridiculous for them to have denied Myers. Just goes to show how really little minded the ID unprincipled are. Dawkins is a giant, and you had better not treat giants with indignity.


  3. Bad:

    If they had done one minuite’s research, they could have found out that Prof. Dawkins was a featured speaker at the American Atheists convention being held last weekend at … Minneapolis, where the Mall of America screening was also taking place. But lack of research, not to mention honesty, not to mention a sense of irony, not to mention skill, is par for the course for these losers.

    I guess the movie is also, actually, quite poorly made.


  4. I agree Jim – and all the publicity around Myers being expelled is bringing out details of the film. It’s caused cancellations of other showings (see sign-up) and negative reaction from Christian bloggers (e.g. Bene Diction has a longish post on the mess over Ben Stein’s new movie, Expelled and On Propagandists « City of God).

    I imagine many very Christians and even some ID proponents will end up dissociating themselves from this film. As it stands “Expelled” is being promoted as the official face of ID.


  5. Dawkins’ full name is Clinton Richard Dawkins, which is what his passport ID says. Maybe that’s why they missed him.


  6. I don’t think so Sirkeg. Dawkins wasn’t on the list because he was a guest of Myers. (The application process allowed for a certain number of guests and myers had several).

    It’s most likely that the organisers were on the lookout because Myers name was on the list – that is he had made his application and it had been approved. It just seems that the organisers didn’t get their act together and ended up shooting themselves in the feet.


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