Allan Wilson: Evolutionary

Good news about the documentary “Allan Wilson: Evolutionary”. Theatre screenings appear to have been limited and there is no indication yet of TVNZ screening it. However, for anyone interested in getting their own copy the DVD can be purchased from George Andrews Productions

The purchase price is $50 for personal use, $75 plus GST for secondary and commercial libraries, $125 plus GST for tertiary libraries. Plus $5.00 P&P in all cases. Purchases can be made on-line.

Come on Focus on the Family. You seem to have a budget for providing educational materials to schools. Why not purchase some of these DVDs and send them on. I think they will be of much more value to the education of our children than the last DVD (The Priveliged Planet) you provided.

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One response to “Allan Wilson: Evolutionary

  1. People in Dunedin can also get along to the Academy Cinema on Dundas St (about 500m away from the otago campus from which Allan Wilson graduated and fittingly enough for some of the discussions here in a refurbished church) at 4pm on weekdays if they can’t scratch up the $50


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