Darwin lectures in New Zealand

It’s good to see that there will be events in New Zealand to mark the upcoming anniversaries of Charles Darwin’s  birth (200th) and publication of his book On the Origin of Species (150th).

Radio NZ National is broadcasting a series of six Darwin Lectures. The first will be this Sunday (24th August) at 4:07 pm in 4 ‘til 8 with Katrina Batten.

Entitled Darwin and the Evolution of an Idea it will cover Darwin’s family, his education, the Beagle voyage and the influence of the contemporary society. The lecturer is ecologist Lloyd Spencer Davis, author of Looking for Darwin.

Other lectures in this series will deal with biological complexity, the basic principles of evolution, fossils, evolutionary psychology and why humans create art. Lecture 5 (in Hamilton) and Lecture six (in Nelson) have yet to be recorded. Details are available in the links below if anyone wishes to attend these.

The lectures will eventually be available for podcast and download on the RNZ Darwin Lectures web page.

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6 responses to “Darwin lectures in New Zealand

  1. Thanks Ken. I wonder if they will become available to download or whether I’ll have to catch them live?


  2. Unfortunately 4 ‘til 8 isn’t podcast. I have sent an email to RNZ – no answer yet. Maybe the RSNZ will provide download facilities. Must check it out as I’m going to have difficulty catching it live to.


  3. The RSNZ newsletter seems to have audio file links for quite a few of the RNZ National science shows. Thought that they would have done the same for this…


  4. Bother! I’d like to go to the Hamilton one – but I’m giving a lecture on Darwin myself, over in Tauranga, that night.


  5. RNZ informs me that the lectures will be available for download at the Darwin Lectures web page.

    Alison, is your lecture for a class or public?


  6. It’s a public lecture – the Uni is running a spring lecture series over the Kaimais, loosely organised around Darwin. Yours truly is first up 🙂 Looking at the RS lectures I would say that Lloyd Davies & I will be covering similar material; I’ll have to listen to his tomorrow if I get a chance.


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