Darwin Week discussion topic?

Next month there will be public events around to world to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth (February 12th). Here’s an interesting one I came across planned for Clemson University in the US.

A public screening of Ben Stein’s film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowedfollowed by a discussion. It’s sponsored by the Departments of Biological Sciences and Philosophy & Religion.

At first sight this might appear to provide a platform for the anti-science, creationist brigade. Bit think about it. What would be the effect of showing this dishonest propaganda film to a mainstream audience (especially a university based one) and then subjecting it to informed analysis by mainstream scientific and religious experts? Surely this would expose the lies presented in the film and clarify the motives of the films makers and sponsors.

Mainstream university and scientific people probably are not often confronted with the reality of this sort of dishonest propaganda. Perhaps they should be – and doing this in a context where the danger of this propaganda can be exposed can only be a good thing.

Currently “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed in this Film” has a relatively narrow distribution – showing to mainly fundamentalist Christian audiences. In New Zealand this seems to be the only audience even contemplated by the films promoters.

So, perhaps the supporters of science could actually treat this dishonest film as a resource and put it to good use.

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16 responses to “Darwin Week discussion topic?

  1. Einstein’s Nemesis: DI Her Eclipsing Binary Stars Solution
    The problem that the 100,000 PHD Physicists could not solve

    This is the solution to the “Quarter of a century” Smithsonian-NASA Posted motion puzzle that Einstein and the 100,000 space-time physicists including 109 years of Nobel prize winner physics and physicists and 400 years of astronomy and Astrophysicists could not solve and solved here and dedicated to Drs Edward Guinan and Frank Maloney
    Of Villanova University Pennsylvania who posted this motion puzzle and started the search collections of stars with motion that can not be explained by any published physics
    For 350 years Physicists Astrophysicists and Mathematicians and all others including Newton and Kepler themselves missed the time-dependent Newton’s equation and time dependent Kepler’s equation that accounts for Quantum – relativistic effects and it explains these effects as visual effects. Here it is

    Universal- Mechanics

    All there is in the Universe is objects of mass m moving in space (x, y, z) at a location
    r = r (x, y, z). The state of any object in the Universe can be expressed as the product

    S = m r; State = mass x location

    P = d S/d t = m (d r/dt) + (dm/dt) r = Total moment

    = change of location + change of mass

    = m v + m’ r; v = velocity = d r/d t; m’ = mass change rate

    F = d P/d t = d²S/dt² = Force = m (d²r/dt²) +2(dm/d t) (d r/d t) + (d²m/dt²) r

    = m γ + 2m’v +m”r; γ = acceleration; m” = mass acceleration rate

    In polar coordinates system

    r = r r(1) ;v = r’ r(1) + r θ’ θ(1) ; γ = (r” – rθ’²)r(1) + (2r’θ’ + rθ”)θ(1)

    F = m[(r”-rθ’²)r(1) + (2r’θ’ + rθ”)θ(1)] + 2m'[r’r(1) + rθ’θ(1)] + (m”r) r(1)

    F = [d²(m r)/dt² – (m r)θ’²]r(1) + (1/mr)[d(m²r²θ’)/d t]θ(1) = [-GmM/r²]r(1)

    d² (m r)/dt² – (m r) θ’² = -GmM/r²; d (m²r²θ’)/d t = 0

    Let m =constant: M=constant

    d²r/dt² – r θ’²=-GM/r² —— I

    d(r²θ’)/d t = 0 —————–II
    r²θ’=h = constant ————– II
    r = 1/u; r’ = -u’/u² = – r²u’ = – r²θ'(d u/d θ) = -h (d u/d θ)
    d (r²θ’)/d t = 2rr’θ’ + r²θ” = 0 r” = – h d/d t (du/d θ) = – h θ'(d²u/d θ²) = – (h²/r²)(d²u/dθ²)
    [- (h²/r²) (d²u/dθ²)] – r [(h/r²)²] = -GM/r²
    2(r’/r) = – (θ”/θ’) = 2[λ + ỉ ω (t)] – h²u² (d²u/dθ²) – h²u³ = -GMu²
    d²u/dθ² + u = GM/h²
    r(θ, t) = r (θ, 0) Exp [λ + ỉ ω (t)] u(θ,0) = GM/h² + Acosθ; r (θ, 0) = 1/(GM/h² + Acosθ)
    r ( θ, 0) = h²/GM/[1 + (Ah²/Gm)cosθ]
    r(θ,0) = a(1-ε²)/(1+εcosθ) ; h²/GM = a(1-ε²); ε = Ah²/GM

    r(0,t)= Exp[λ(r) + ỉ ω (r)]t; Exp = Exponential

    r = r(θ , t)=r(θ,0)r(0,t)=[a(1-ε²)/(1+εcosθ)]{Exp[λ(r) + ì ω(r)]t} Nahhas’ Solution

    If λ(r) ≈ 0; then:

    r (θ, t) = [(1-ε²)/(1+εcosθ)]{Exp[ỉ ω(r)t]

    θ'(r, t) = θ'[r(θ,0), 0] Exp{-2ỉ[ω(r)t]}

    h = 2π a b/T; b=a√ (1-ε²); a = mean distance value; ε = eccentricity
    h = 2πa²√ (1-ε²); r (0, 0) = a (1-ε)

    θ’ (0,0) = h/r²(0,0) = 2π[√(1-ε²)]/T(1-ε)²
    θ’ (0,t) = θ'(0,0)Exp(-2ỉwt)={2π[√(1-ε²)]/T(1-ε)²} Exp (-2iwt)

    θ'(0,t) = θ'(0,0) [cosine 2(wt) – ỉ sine 2(wt)] = θ'(0,0) [1- 2sine² (wt) – ỉ sin 2(wt)]
    θ'(0,t) = θ'(0,t)(x) + θ'(0,t)(y); θ'(0,t)(x) = θ'(0,0)[ 1- 2sine² (wt)]
    θ'(0,t)(x) – θ'(0,0) = – 2θ'(0,0)sine²(wt) = – 2θ'(0,0)(v/c)² v/c=sine wt; c=light speed

    Δ θ’ = [θ'(0, t) – θ'(0, 0)] = -4π {[√ (1-ε) ²]/T (1-ε) ²} (v/c) ²} radians/second
    {(180/π=degrees) x (36526=century)

    Δ θ’ = [-720×36526/ T (days)] {[√ (1-ε) ²]/ (1-ε) ²}(v/c) = 1.04°/century

    This is the T-Rex equation that is going to demolished Einstein’s space-jail of time

    The circumference of an ellipse: 2πa (1 – ε²/4 + 3/16(ε²)²—) ≈ 2πa (1-ε²/4); R =a (1-ε²/4)
    v (m) = √ [GM²/ (m + M) a (1-ε²/4)] ≈ √ [GM/a (1-ε²/4)]; m<<M; Solar system

    v = v (center of mass); v is the sum of orbital/rotational velocities = v(cm) for DI Her
    Let m = mass of primary; M = mass of secondary

    v (m) = primary speed; v(M) = secondary speed = √[Gm²/(m+M)a(1-ε²/4)]
    v (cm) = [m v(m) + M v(M)]/(m + M) All rights reserved. joenahhas1958@yahoo.com


  2. Darwin was a great scientist who based his decisions on observations but he never produced a man from an Ape. Darwin theory state the observations but the conclusions are yet to be proven and until that happen he could be proven wrong.
    Einstein claimed space-time travel and that is taught in classrooms and he is proven to be wrong because there are dozens of problems that are considered as the simplest problems in physics (Two eclipsing stars motion)and still can not be solved by any physics


  3. Joe – you have made a world-shattering change in my image of Darwin.
    I used to see him as a kindly old bearded Englishman, sitting at his desk or pottering away in his glasshouse. Working on barnacles, earthworms, pigeons, etc., writing several letters a day to his friends and working away on books which would become historic documents.

    Now I have a picture of him working frenetically, and maniacally, in a ruined castle, with an ape strapped to an operating table, electrodes attached to the apes head and wires running up the building to a lightning collector. Surrounded by scalpels and corpses from failed experiments. A bit like Frankenstein.

    Similarly my picture of Einstein as a forgetful, poorly dressed, intelligent old man with a mop of wild white hair has changed. Now I see him strapped into some weird device he is testing to try and develop a time machine. Wheels spinning in the background and levels on the machine indicating dates to which he hoped to travel.


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  5. But – did Darwin have an Igor?


  6. Is There Darwin’s Sighting?
    And If there is sdarwin’s sighting how he would look like?
    1- Darwin?
    2- Ape?
    3- 1/2 by 1/2
    4- ?


  7. Alison:

    But then he’d have proposed evolution by inheritance of relative’s parts.


  8. mmm, true, I hadn’t thought of that.

    In retrospect, he can’t have had one anyway – the world isn’t full of maniacal lispers. Is it? 😉


  9. Nott tthat I thould know 🙂

    Perhaps we should write a paper proposing an Igorian theory of evolution, whose devotees will be pilloried by creationists and called Igorians. To which we’d reply: “You Ignorians! Tthk, tthk.”

    Come to think of it, there must be something like this already around. It’s far too obvious… I haven’t read The Science of Discworld series at all, so maybe there is something in there?


  10. Something has happened as quantum leap And
    Darwin was sighted as Elvis
    With some evolutionary images
    He came out as African American
    Elvis Rapping instead of Elvis Rocking
    And Pronounced in Memphis Tennessee as the King of the Chicken Wing! And Elvis Was sighted in The White House Rocking the white house that is now called House of Hussien rocking Obama! And Kaviar


  11. Obama said it is time for change. Here it is

    Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory Derived from Kepler’s Light Visual
    Deceptions Equation: S = r Exp ỉ ω t; sin ω t= v/c; v=speed; c=light speed
    By Joe Nahhas

    Abstract: Relativity theory can be derived from Kepler’s light visual deception equation S = r Exp ỉ ω t; sin ω t = v/c; v = speed and c = light speed.

    Object at r —————- Light sensing of moving objects ——————- (seen as) S
    r ———————– Cosine (wt) + i sine (wt) ——– S = r [cosine (wt) + i sine (wt)]
    Particle ————————- Light —————————— Wave
    Newton —————– Kepler’s Time dependent ———- Newton’s Time dependent

    1-Lenght contraction

    A moving object with velocity v will have when visualized through light sensing a light aberration angle (wt); w = constant and t= time

    Also, sine wt = v/c; cosine wt = √ [1-sine² (wt)] = √ [1-(v/c) ²]
    Where v = velocity; c = light velocity

    A visual object moving with velocity v will be seen as S
    S = r [cosine (wt) + i sine (wt)] = r Exp [i wt]; Exp = Exponential

    S = r [√ [1-(v/c) ²] + ỉ (v/c)] = S x + i S y

    S x = Visual location along the line of sight = r [√ [1-(v/c) ²]

    This Equation is special relativity Length Contraction formula and it is just the visual effects and caused by light aberrations of a moving object along the line of sight.

    In a right angled velocity triangle A B C: Angle A = wt
    Angle B = 90°; Angle C = 90° -wt
    AB = hypotenuse = c; BC = opposite = v; CA= adjacent = c √ [1-(v/c) ²]

    2- Time dilatations
    Along the line of sight; S x = r cosine wt
    Hypotenuse = S x = [c t x] = c t √ [1-(v/c) ²];
    And c is constant in all reference frames
    Where t = self time; t x = time by others
    t x = t √ [1-(v/c) ²]; and
    t = {1/√ [1-(v/c) ²]} t x

    These are time dilatation equations given by Einstein’s special relativity theory.

    3 – Momentum

    S x = Visual location along the line of sight = r [√ [1-(v/c) ²]
    P x = v [√ [1-(v/c) ²]; v =constant; P x = d [S x]/d t

    And m P x = m v [√ [1-(v/c) ²] = m (0) v

    4 – Mass

    Then m = m (0) / [√ [1-(v/c) ²]

    Also; m = m (0) / [1-1/2(v/c) ²];

    5- Energy

    mc² = m (0) c² / [1-1/2(v/c) ²]

    E = m (0) c²; v = 0

    Also m ≈ m (0) [1+ 1/2(v/c) ²]

    Hence m c² ≈ m (0) c² + m v ²/2

    Finally: conclusion

    All of special relativity comes from deception equation:

    S = r Exp ỉ ω t; sin ω t= v/c; v=speed; c=light speed


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