Dawkins on the Big Screen

dawkins-tI had mentioned Richard Dawkins will be announcing the winner of the Royal Society prize for popular science books  in a live  video link at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. (See New Zealand popular science books). I hadn’t realised that Dawkin’s appearance would be more extensive.

He actually will be interviewed by Sean Plunket and will be talking bout his new book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. Of course he will also be talking about Charles Darwin and the current significance of his work.

Apparently there will also be an opportunity for audience questions, although I think they have to be submitted to the festival office beforehand (email to  info@writersfestival.co.nz before Sunday 10 May with DAWKINS in the subject line).

Details of the event are:

Friday 15 May 8:15 – 9:30 pm
ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre
$19.50 – 23.00* (Earlybird available until 12 May 8.00pm)


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4 responses to “Dawkins on the Big Screen

  1. We went to this last night. It was good. If anything, the host focussed too many of the questions on religion but I always find Dawkins a pleasure to listen to. And it always amuses me when people call him ‘shrill’ or ‘strident’. Quite the opposite.

    The Awa Book Of New Zealand Science won the Royal Society prize.


  2. I have that book but haven’t yet read it. So will have to start dipping into it.

    Sounds like there has been some good stuff at the festival.

    I listened to an interview with Holloway yesterday – the agnostic Christian. Very interesting. I must try to get hold of his book – Godless Morality.


  3. My wife and I are planning on going to the Next 100 Years event on Sunday where Holloway will be featuring (along with Marcus Chown and four others). I’d never really heard of Holloway before but look forward to his talk on the future of Christianity over the next… er… 100… years.


  4. Richard Holloway is the former Bishop of Edinburgh. This is an MP3 of his interview yesterday in case you want a preview.

    The Christchurch City Library has a report of the Dawkins session (Richard Dawkins High Priest of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church) – sounds like it was well attended.


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