How bacteria communicate

WordPress now enables inclusion of TED videos – a great resource.

So to try it out I’m posting a video I recently watched of a talk by Bonnie Bassler – Discovering bacteria’s amazing communication system

It’s only 18 minutes long – but its fascinating.

5 responses to “How bacteria communicate

  1. I saw this recently on BoingBoing. Totally amazing!

    I keep on wanting to add the Dawkins-disclaimer whenever anyone talks of a gene or bacteria ‘knowing’, ‘counting’, etc, but assume that most of her audience would understand what it was she was getting at.

    (when I say ‘Dawkins-disclaimer’ I’m referring to the number of times he clarifies that when he uses intentional language for simple biological processes he doesn’t mean it literally)

    Bacteria FTW!


  2. FTW = for the win?


  3. Yeah, back in my day it meant “fuck the world” but the young’uns these days take it to mean “for the win” (do I sound old?). I take private pleasure in simultaneously sounding like I’m up with the lingo and the double entendre of the original meaning.


  4. “For the win” sounds far to “American”! πŸ™‚ Mind you, I guess to someone younger “F–k the world”, probably sounds so “80s” (70s, 60s?).


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