PZ needs an iPod

For all those who know and love PZ Myers and his blog Pharyngula. He’s put his name in for the chance to win a prize of an iPod (see I’d really like to win an iPod Touch). Go there and help him by clicking on the link.

Really, he just trying to piss off that creationist Eric Hovind who is offering the iPod as a prize for the most click throughs to his post: Creation Minute is an exciting series hosted by Eric Hovind that explores the creation worldview using cutting-edge visual effects and digital technology. Each episode challenges the evolution theory and gives evidence of the Bible’s historical and scientific accuracy.

Hovind is of course trying to publicise his creationist site. But just imagine – Pharyngula gets so many hits it’s quite likely that most click throughs will come from there. And Hovind will be obliged to pass on the iPod (loaded with creationist videos) to Myers! That will hurt! – But as Myers points out  Hovind’s morals are such that he is unlikely to fulfil his undertaking in this case.

You never know, in all the confusion precipitated by Myers winning the most click throughs, and Hovind’s refusal to countenance handing over the prize to him, he might just hand it over to someone else like me without thinking. So click on the link above – but also go on the Pharyngula and click there too.


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4 responses to “PZ needs an iPod

  1. Clicked.
    Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, Eric Hovind’s father Kent Hovind.

    Kent Hovind is also a creationist nutter.
    Like father, like son.
    He’s in jail on a 10-year stretch. Refused to pay his taxes. Oops.


  2. [off-topic]


    My band-width (and free time) isn’t up to watching the video, but I imagine you’d like this:


    Possibly you’ve already see it before too! 🙂


  3. Yes, Heraclides, I am about half way throgfuh the video.
    Actually, a complement to this one is the lecture by Jared Diamond (see Jared Diamond on the Evolution of Religion) on Damian’s
    site. I thought this was excellent and expanded on stuff he had in his book.

    Open Parachute


  4. I should add a hat tip to Sandwalk, which was the starting point at which I found both the links in my last two posts.


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