NZ Bloggers Badge

Checking out blogs for my blog ranking exercise I came across this idea for a NZ Bloggers badge.

I wonder if it will catch on?

Have a look at New Zealand Bloggers Badge – Copy and Share!

19 responses to “NZ Bloggers Badge

  1. Hmmmmmm, nah.

    If it were a NZ Blogger souvenir teaspoon however…


  2. Id be keen if it were a tad smaller and not linking anywhere. Am happy with my “Made in NZ” from πŸ™‚


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  4. Hey – thanks for share. I’m happy to make smaller if people prefer – gotta be usable! And yeah – see the difficulties with having it link to my blog (also not what my blog is actually about – so confusing stats). If anyone can tell me how to share it round without it linking back – that would be great. cheers. PS Very useful blog here – will be back


  5. Thanks for your response Beverly. I also thought the badge could be smaller.
    Also, I wondered about some colour.

    You know, there may be a place for having several versions of different
    size, etc.

    Open Parachute


  6. Yeah – I’ll get onto colour and size variations.

    Any ideas where should I promote them?

    And what about link backs to so that people can find them to copy them for their own blog?

    Thanks for your honesty – I really appreciate ideas to improve.


  7. Beverley,

    Doesn’t the “kumara” pendant represent fertility?

    I think the concept is good, though.

    (Should write this on your blog, but I’m too lazy…)


  8. Beverly – there are three monthly blog ranking surveys for NZ blogs at the moment (see NZ Blog ranks – April β€˜09) and they could be a good place to promote a badge. Once a few people start using one it could catch on.

    I have studied Maori art and think there is a lot of scope for meaningful NZ motifs on such a badge.

    And, as Damian said, if you get into teaspoons he will be interested.


  9. and bumper stickers.


  10. only if they have short sleeves so as not to obscure my NZ Blogger tattoos.


  11. (After choking on my coffee)
    The ultimate Moko.


  12. I actually love the design as is with exception of the size. Id also suggest a white version along with the black (the black would be too bold for my site).

    Someone needs to start a NZ Blogs directory (if there isnt one already).


  13. My Diary – there is already at least one such directory (New Zealand Web Directory and Search Engine). However, it will only contain a small proportion of NZ blogs as it relies on submissions.

    At the moment one way to hunt out NZ blogs is just to go through the lists in the monthly ranking surveys (see NZ Blog ranks – April β€˜09, Tumeke and Halfdone).


  14. NZS wont work for above mentioned NZBloggers Badge, they already have their own badges. Means we dont have a specific NZ Blogs Directory? I didnt think so…I have looked.

    Would people like one?


  15. I certainly would appreciate something more complete than the NZ Web Directory. There have been times when I have being trying to find blogs in a specific category (eg. NZ science blogs) and have found this difficult.

    Halfdone’s blog ranking survey makes an effort to categorise the blogs but a more complete categorised list would certainly be useful.

    However, a simple duplication of the NZ Web Directory would be pointless.


  16. Well, I’d be happy to build one.
    Beverly, what do you think about your badge being used for a NZ Blogs Directory?


  17. Good luck My Diary – this should be very useful.
    Let us know when you have something.


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