Richard Dawkins in Auckland

Richard Dawkins at the 34th American Atheists ...
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Yesterday, Richard Dawkins participated by video at the  Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. He also announced the award of the inaugural Royal Society of NZ Science Book of the Year award. It went to The Awa book of New Zealand science.

The first blog post I have seen of Dawkins appearance comes from the Christchurch City Libraries blog (see Richard Dawkins High Priest of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church).

Saying in part:

“Plunket asked if Dawkins felt he was in any danger of becoming a Prophet for secularism or a High Priest of atheism, in reply Dawkins said he saw the danger but personally hated the idea of any cult or idolatry, wanting instead people to think independently and critically for themselves.”

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10 responses to “Richard Dawkins in Auckland

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  2. Did anyone else see Dawkins and then Holloway the next day? Holloway was so unfair on Dawkins


  3. The “convenience” of having heard Dawkins speech and being able to “attack” him without him having an opportunity to reply?


  4. Damian was going to see Holloway – haven’t heard his assessment yet.

    Still, Dawkins’ bashing does seem to be very common. Very often the bashers haven’t even read Dawkins. Many just seem to feel it’s expected of them. Strawmannery is also commonly used against Dawkins – in fact there seems to be a whole swag of theological courses and lectures based on unfounded claims of what Dawkins believes. And then there is the “I’m an atheist, but … ” crowd.

    Personally, I think it’s a sign of intellectual weakness. These people should engage with the real issues instead of relying on Dawkins as a handy foil.


  5. I missed it sorry. They were sold out.


  6. I wonder if there are any downloadable mp3s of Holloway’s presentation? I managed to find one of the interview with Dawkins – it was worth listening to. It’s at the SMC site (Richard Dawkins: Writers’ and Readers’ Festival interview)

    Anyway, I have requested Holloway’s latest book at our local library so expect to find out more about his ideas from that.


  7. That’s exactly it, Ken. “Strawmannery.”
    In general, I enjoyed Holloway. He was intelligent, funny and charming. So it was extra disappointing when he rolled out two unfair cliches – that Dawkins was a ‘High priest” (when you can’t argue the point, attack the point-maker) and that “Dawkins needs to take prozac” (yawn).

    The worst thing, though, was that he described carefully 4 different attitudes towards religion (the main thesis of his new book, I think). 3 and 1/2 of them were outlined carefully, sympathetically, in detail etc. Then he got to ”neo-atheism” and it was dismissed in a scathing, generalised few comments including the above attacks on Dawkins. Disappointing.


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