That’s telling them

I like this short, straight notice from the Australian  NSW  Board of Studies on science teaching:

“BOS 17/09

In developing the NSW Science curriculum, the Board of Studies undertook extensive consultation with experts in the field to ensure that content, including that relating to evolution, would be consistent with accepted scientific knowledge and understanding.

The Board wishes to remind teachers that Creationism and Intelligent Design are not part of the Board’s Science syllabuses. If taught as part of any school-based program, it must be clear to students that Creationism and Intelligent Design:

1. are not scientific, nor evidence-based

2. will not be included in any task that forms part of the assessment of student achievement for the award of the School Certificate or Higher School Certificate

3. will not be tested in any School Certificate or Higher School Certificate examination and will not be relevant to any response to School Certificate or Higher School Certificate questions.

Effective: Immediately”

via Board of Studies News: Official Notice – Advice to Teachers of Science.

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2 responses to “That’s telling them

  1. I seldom get a chance to feel patriotic.
    However, after reading this, I have this odd feeling that maybe my part of the world isn’t so bad after all.
    Thanks for posting this, Ken.


  2. I hope someone has sent this to PZ Myers so that he (and others) can wave it around as how it should be done. Short, simple, clear, direct, definitive.


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