A NZ blog ranking tool

blogcartoon2I have had a couple of goes at ranking NZ blogs according to the visits recorded by the public sitemeter or statcounters. There are now about 50 blogs I which have data I can access.

This time I have put together a web-based spreadsheet which automatically uploads this data to provide up-to-date rankings – based on Google Docs. It displays the rank and average daily visit numbers for the previous 7 days. At this stage only data from Sitemeter and Statcounter are shown – that’s all I have been able to get it to work for. However, these are the most frequently used methods.

Below is a table displaying results for the morning of Friday 19th June. You can load the current page here: NZ blogs average daily visits.

Some points to remember:

1: Data are for only Sitemeter and Statcounter at this stage;

2: Only publicly available data is shown. If you want data for your blog to be included instal either of these counters and set it up to make the data public. Then send me a note.

3: The data shows average visits/day based on the previous 7 days.

4: You should see changes from day to day. It’s a bit like following the stock market prices, your investment returns, or the fluctuating kiwi dollar. You can watch your favourite blog move up or down the rankings from day to day.

5: The data would be improved if more blogs made their stats public – especially the higher ranking blogs.

6: Even if you don’t wish to include your own blog in the list the data enables you to compare your private figures and hence get an idea of how you compare.

7: The full data is not always available on first loading the page. For some reason this is more of a problem with Sitemeter than Statcounter. However, just wait a while and reload the page. it should eventually come right. (The data also seems to change at different times of the day for the two meters).

8: The rankings are also available as an RSS feed .

Have fun following your ranking.


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NZ blogs average daily visits.

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Rank Blog Visits/day
1 No Right Turn 1303
2 The Dim-Post 1067
3 Homepaddock 445
4 Offsetting Behaviour 332
5 The visible hand in economics 310
6 Anti-Dismal 241
7 Poneke’s Weblog 206
8 In a strange land 205
9 Open Parachute 199
10 Halfdone 173
11 Canterbury Atheists 146
11 Humanitarian Chronicle 146
13 The Fundy Post 121
14 MandM 102
15 from the morgue 101
16 Hitting Metal With A Hammer 80
17 Liberation 79
18 Workers Party 77
19 Capitalism is bad 62
20 Webweaver’s world 51
21 Scepticon 50
22 roarprawn 45
23 dad4justice 44
24 Anarchia 41
25 Derek’s blog 40
26 goNZo Freakpower Brains Trust 39
27 Media Fetish 38
28 Samuel Dennis 37
28 Unity Blog 37
30 Socialist Aotearoa 36
31 Blessed Economist 31
32 Joe Hendren 30
33 Canvassing for opinion 27
34 Put up thy Sword! 26
35 Aotearoa: a wider perspective 17
36 Socialist Democracy 14
37 The quiet world project 12
37 Life is not a race to be finished first 12
39 SageNZ 6
39 Swritches 6
41 Relatively science 5
42 The Home Office 4
43 Here I stand 2
43 Lolly Scramble 2
45 Clint Heine and Friends 1
45 The re(mixed) Baptist 1
47 theSection59Blog
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14 responses to “A NZ blog ranking tool

  1. I don’t like using any statcounter or sitemeter for some reasons. Google Analytics is far way better than any counters I think.


  2. yeah Google Analytics here too…interesting read though – love the cartoon πŸ™‚


  3. can sometimes be confusing πŸ˜€


  4. IJ Styles – One can only use what is available and for all but 3 of the accessible NZ blogs that is either Statcounter or Sitemeter.

    Unfortunately it si not possible (yet) to use Google Analytics on sites such as wordpress.com. I wish it were.


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  6. Any counter is going to have problems when trying to rank blogs. For one, bloggers may or may not discount their own visits in their stats. More significantly, I suspect, is the number of surfers who disable javascript, or even do so selectively. Fully disabled, neither Statcounter nor GoogleAnalytics will know they dropped by.


  7. Yes, Daniel, I am aware of the difficulties but one can only work with what is there. (Mind you I’m always interested in learning how such problems can be overcome – I’m just learning here).

    I think Sitemeter excludes own visits be default but not Statcounter – which requires the use to make a change. I wonder how may surfers would disable Java int he way, with the motive, you describe? I wouldn’t know how/why to do it myself.

    Anyway, it just gives something for people to play with. The other ranking procedures are being criticised for not adequately reflecting actual visits. And this is very restricted (about 50 blogs out of 350 or more). But it does give people an idea how their own traffic might compare with that of other known blogs.

    Must admit, though, my motive is basically to learn how to extract data from the internet and play with the data.


  8. I presume that your measures do not pick up readers who use the RSS feeds to access the blogs.


  9. Actually, Statcounter works with Javascript disabled – it provides stats on Java usage, which is how I know that 5 of my last 500 visitors had Java off…


  10. Thanks for this. V interesting!

    I don’t think I can make our Statcounter results public without making everything on my statcounter profile public can I? As there are some blogs belonging to others on it I’m reluctant to do that, and our Extremetracking is public instead.


  11. Julie – I am using Extremetracking for Handmirror. So it appears on the list.

    Mind you – where one doesn’t want to put a public link on the site you could always just send me the link. I promise not to look at other material!


  12. Ok, that’s weird cos we aren’t showing up on it! Nevermind, doesn’t matter πŸ™‚


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