NZ blogs sitemeter ranking – August ’09

sciblog2There are now about 90 NZ blogs with publicly accessible sitemeter stats. They are listed in the table below, together with daily visits and page view numbers averaged over the previous 7 days. The data was that given by the NZ blog ranking tool on August 20th. This can be seen at NZ blogs average daily visits.

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I have also had a look at how the data for four different sitemeters compare. The daily data was taken for Open Parachute over about 16 days. The sitemeters were StatCounter and Sitemeter (average for previous 7 days), ShinyStat (average for the previous calendar week) and Go Stats (average over the previous month). These were chosen because doesn’t enable the use of javacode required for Extreme and Bravenet. The last two counters are used by a few NZ blogs. Results in the table below.

Average visits/day and page views/day for four counters.
(Normalised to 100% for Sitemeter)

Counter Visits/day Page views/days/day
Sitemeter 96% 102%
Statcounterr 100% 100%
Shiny Stat 93% 84%
Go Stats 83% 97%

Statcounter and Sitemeter produce very similar results – and are the most frequently used counters in New Zealnd. GoStats gave particularly low visit numbers.

I suggest that if you don’t have a counter on your blog have a look at Sitemeter or StatCounter. And, let me know the link if you decide to make the stats public. I am always interested in hearing about NZ blogs with public sitemeter stats that I have missed. This will enable me to increase the numbers of blogs surveryed on the blog ranking tool.


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Blog Visits/day Page Views/day
1 The Dim-Post 967 1670
2 No Right Turn 876 1171
3 TUMEKE! 770 910
4 Tales from a godless monkey 625 1959
5 The Hand Mirror 520 720
6 roarprawn 417 646
7 Homepaddock 411 628
8 A cat of impossible colour 403 599
9 In a strange land 377 527
10 MacDoctor Moments 360 510
11 Einstein Music Journal# 337 545
12 The Wellingtonista 323 478
13 Canterbury Atheists 264 392
14 Poneke’s Weblog 251 317
15 The visible hand in economics 231 352
16 Open Parachute 226 346
17 Halfdone 193 254
18 Reading the Maps 170 230
19 Anti-Dismal 167 407
20 Show your workings 154 232
21 Put ’em all on an island# 152 194
22 MandM 144 264
23 Offsetting Behaviour 134 223
24 The Fundy Post 115 153
25 Knowledge workers 107 182
26 from the morgue 100 156
27 Hitting Metal With A Hammer 97 129
28 Liberation 89 146
29 Humanitarian Chronicle 84 131
30 Workers Party 74 121
31 Family integrity 72 110
32 Sustain:if:able Kiwi 71 153
32 Unity Blog 71 90
34 Today is my birthday 59 133
35 Socialist Aotearoa 58 74
36 Capitalism is bad 54 65
36 Webweaver’s world 54 68
36 Dad4justice 54 68
39 Glenview 9 50 74
40 Media Fetish 48 73
41 Quote Unquote 46 59
42 Scepticon 41 48
43 Derek’s blog 34 53
44 goNZo Freakpower Brains Trust 30 36
44 ICT Teaching and Learning 30 41
46 Anarchia 29 38
46 I am Johnny King 29 65
46 Samuel Dennis 29 34
46 Manaia Kindergarten 29 55
50 No excuses. Just write 28 35
51 Dragonsinger 26 38
52 Aotearoa: A wider perspective 25 27
53 Blessed Economist 21 26
53 The Thorndon Bubble 21 33
53 Ulearn News 21 38
56 Life is not a race to be finished first 20 30
56 Neil Stockley 20 30
58 Put up thy Sword! 19 26
59 Joe Hendren 15 21
60 Toni Twiss 14 32
60 Otagosh 14 19
60 ICT in Early Education 14 25
63 Surfr 13 18
63 Emeth Elethia 13 19
65 Phrenic Philosophy 12 14
66 Rob’s Blockhead Blog 11 14
67 Korero Pt England 10 21
68 Canvassing for opinion 9 10
68 Tha Fatal Paradox 9 13
68 Deep(ish) Thought 9 14
71 Green is good 8 9
72 Prior Knowledge 7 7
73 Swritches 6 8
73 creative voice 6 16
75 Digital learning 5 7
75 Sleeping with books 5 17
77 Relatively science 4 6
77 Think Beyond 4 5
77 Lolly Scramble 4 5
77 Pt England Scribes 4 7
81 SageNZ 3 5
81 The quiet world project 3 4
81 Virtual North 3 8
84 Here I stand 2 2
84 The Home Office 2 2
86 Clint Heine andΒ  Friends 1 1
86 ICTPD 1 3

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16 responses to “NZ blogs sitemeter ranking – August ’09

  1. 42? that’s just crazy, I guess this is that long tail I keep hearing about.
    Thanks Ken great stuff.
    Had Aimee from the SMC contact me yesterday about participating in the Sciblogs project, very exciting.
    I just wanted to tell someone.


  2. Aimee contacted me too – so looks like they are rounding up the science bloggers. Should be great – and only a few weeks away, by looks of things.

    I have opted for syndicating a feed. Certainly seems the easiest way for established bloggers.

    But there are a few who have just started and it may be best for them to transfer completely.

    I will be interested to see how many new bloggers start up as a result of Sciblogs.


  3. I thought a syndicated feed would probably be best as well. I could be persuaded otherwise, depends on how good the site turns out to be.

    I do like the flexibility of having my own site though.


  4. True. I am interested to see how their comment policy will work out. There could be some sensitivity about blogs considered controversial. Hope not because they will draw comments and traffic.

    Problem is at this stage controversy could scare away the CRIs.


  5. That thought crossed my mind as well, I don’t tend to be as controversial as you but it’s nice to know I have options.


  6. You missed whose readings on the 20th were:

    Thursday 20th August 2009 92 visits/day 173 page views/day


  7. Barbara – your statcounter stats aren’t public so I can’t access them. All the sites on the spreadsheet are accessible without a password.

    If you go to the padlock icon in your statcounter page you can enable public access. If your wish you can then change the icon on your blog to include a “view my stats” link.

    Alternatively, if you send me the url I can enter it into the google spreadhseet – this will mean you can compare your stats with others any time by just going to that spreadsheet. It’s all handled automatically.


  8. Ken,

    I’ve contacted SMC, and the indicated that they would “invite” blogs, so I’m not sure how this will work for people without a blog. Furthermore, what people write about in replies, may differ a fair bit from what they’d write as an article so I don’t think that would be the best way of assessing them. (In my case for example, I’d be disinclined to pursue science v. religion to any large extent in articles; my replies are usually seeded by an incorrect statement rather than the larger picture of these things.)


  9. I am sure, Heraclides, that SMC will be interested in including you. I think they want to get a group of about a dozen or so going first, test the software and presentation, and then spread out. So they may well just start with existing blogs.

    As long as you have registered your interest and details I am sure you will be included.

    If anything, I am surprised they wanted me on board. It demonstrates that they are prepared to accept some controversy (which could make the CRI managers unhappy and nervous)

    However, I do think that if I was still working my posts would be very much aligned with my professional work. And that will be the case for most people they include.


  10. Nice blog , don’t forget visit to my blog


  11. I’ve received an invite, too, and might well go for the syndication option — still thinking.

    I like the flexibility of running my own blog (including potential spin-offs, like selling any books I might write), plus having a community of people who comment regularly. The SMC might not be keen on handling defamation actions, either…

    PS: My current 30 day average would put me at #11. πŸ˜‰


  12. Had Aimee from the SMC contact me yesterday about participating in the Sciblogs project, very exciting.

    At the risk of this becoming the “me too!” thread, “me too!”. We’re all going to be sci-blings πŸ˜‰

    (I suspect I’ll go the syndication way too, not to keep my vast hordes of readers, but to keep some of the boring stuff away from the exciting world of sci-blogs)


  13. Gareth – if your statcounter was public (or I had a public link) I could include it in the blog ranking tool. There are about 90 blogs on it so far.


  14. Hey Ken, some advice if you can help.

    I was reading over the policy document Aimee sent out and got concerned that there might be posts I’d prefer not to go to the Sciblogs site. Don’t want to accidentally get in trouble.
    Do you think the best way to achieve this would be for them to syndicate from a category feed and create a “Sciblogs” category that I can then leave off posts that might be iffy? Or do you think there’s a better way?


  15. We could raise this in the telephone conference. I wonder also about copyright issues as sciblogs may have more to lose from any action over innocent reuse of images, etc., by an individual blogger.

    However, I do hope that NZ sciblog will have a high tolerance of controversy as this would attract readers. At the same time I recognise the institutional paranoia and this may present an obstacle to, for example, CRI’s allowing their staff to be involved.

    It might be one of those things that we would just have to see how it pans out before deciding on any specific way of handling it.


  16. Cheers.
    Yeah I suppose I’ll see how the teleconference goes then.


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