Behe’s “objectionable” interview

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What’s going on with I usually enjoy the programmes, regularly download the Science Saturday audios and keep an eye on the rest.

Yesterday I downloaded the discussion between Michael Behe and John McWhorter.  Listened to it on my daily walk. I don’t know what observers thought because I must have been swearing and muttering to myself. It was the sort of intelligent design (ID) promotion you get from the Discovery Institute. If you have ever listened to the ID the Future podcasts you will know what I mean. Case Luskin’s breathless exclamations as they misrepresent science and those evil Dariwnists.

I had thought that McWhorter may have challenged Behe – but he raved like one of those evangelists. And like an evangelist promoting and profiting from sales of Behe’s books. He participated in the same breathless and cowardly misrepresentation of science we have come to expect from the more extreme spokespeople like Luskin. And this was McWhorter! Behe seemed to sit back and let him do all the work.

When I got home I went back to to check out why the interview had been scheduled. Or some sort of explanation for what I considered a disgusting scam. What did I find – the video and audio had been removed!

McWhorter himself apologised in the following manner:

“John McWhorter feels, with regret, that this interview represents neither himself, Professor Behe, nor Bloggingheads usefully, takes full responsibility for same, and has asked that it be taken down from the site. He apologizes to all who found its airing objectionable.”

Strange all around. I wonder what hands are being slapped on And now that the mistake of scheduling such a silly programme had occurred – why compound it by deletion? That just encourages the paranoia of the “expelled” brigade. And it removes the evidence for how these poeple will do anything to scam respectable intellectual fora.

Fortunately the video had been downloaded and can be accessed at, or downloaded from, – John McWhorter vs Michael Behe (

I think it is a great example of uncritical interviewing, promotion of ID (by the interviewer) and shameless scamming of a respectable outlet.

Have a look or listen and tell us what you think.


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