NZ blog ranks – August ’09

Just to be different, I am providing a different type of ranking this month. After all NZ bloggers already have those provided by Tumeke and Half Done. Rather than an overall rank the table below ranks NZ blogs according to the RSS subscription counts. Data were recorded at the end of August. They are for Google Reader and Bloglines. Each of these were ranked separately (columns 3 and 4). And the average rank used to produce the overall rank (column 1).

Google Reader subscription counts ranged from 0 to 1160. Blogline counts from 0 – 269.

rss_icon_glass48 Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic

Meanwhile – don’t forget the NZ blog ranking tool. This lists the performance of over about 90 NZ blogs based on actual sitemeter visit statistics. The data is for average visits/day over the previous 7 days. Obviously only the blogs which allow public access to the statistics are included. Data changes daily and one can watch blogs moving up and down the list on a daily basis.


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NZ blogs – Ranked by RSS Subscription Counts

Rank Blog Google Reader Bloglines
1 Public Address 1 1
2 Kiwiblog 2 5
3 No Right Turn 6 7
4 Derek’s blog 12 3
5 Radical Cross Stitch 4 18
6 Artichoke 11 12
7 Life is not a race to be first finished 19 10
8 Cactus Kate 4 27
8 Poneke’s Weblog 8 23
10 The Dim-Post 7 27
11 frogblog 22 16
11 Not PC 16 22
13 The Hand Mirror 13 30
14 Show your workings 31 14
15 The Standard 2.02 18 34
16 Educational Origami 9 47
17 TUMEKE! 25 34
18 Evolving Newsroom 14 47
19 Just Left 41 26
19 Kotare 20 47
21 Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog 33 36
22 Capitalism is bad 46 24
23 Educating the dragon 42 29
24 In a stange land 33 39
25 The Fundy Post 30 45
26 Allthings2all 70 6
27 Christchurch City Libraries Blog 60 17
27 New Zeal 37 40
29 Leigh Blackall 27 54
30 Greg’s Blog 53 41
30 Media Law Journal 40 54
32 Open Parachute 43 54
33 A cat of impossible colour 3 95
33 Liberation 88 10
35 No Minister 29 76
36 The Hive 46 60
37 Creative Voice 106 3
38 Homepaddock 49 64
38 Silent running 83 30
40 Madness and Mess 43 71
40 Wellington Daily Photo 38 76
42 Offsetting Behaviour 17 100
43 Auckland Daily Photo 23 100
44 Liberty Scott 79 47
44 Liturgy 55 71
46 Robyn’s Secret Passage 81 54
47 Object dart 68 69
48 En Avant 68 71
49 from the morgue 102 45
49 Put ’em all on an island 83 64
49 Reading the Maps 52 95
52 MandM 64 86
53 Audrey Young 57 95
54 59 95
55 Solo 79 76
56 ICT teaching and learning 57 100
57 The Inquiring Mind 64 95
57 Webweaver’s world 88 71
59 This is halfpie 102 61
60 Halfdone 88 76
61 Hot Topic 83 86
62 Anti-Dismal 64 112
63 Clint Heine and Friends 119 61
64 Barnsley Bill 49 135
65 Brian Edward’s Media 53 135
66 70 121
66 Moturoa’s blog 70 121
68 Oswald Bastable’s Ranting 106 86
69 Mulholland Drive 131 64
70 Digital Learning 153 43
71 Ethical Martini 77 121
72 Contradiction 123 76
73 Turning the supertanker 117 86
74 Education investigation 86 121
75 sustain:if:able kiwi 64 147
76 Eye of the Fish 173 44
76 Karl du Fresne 96 121
78 Fighting talk 193 25
79 Jack Yan: The Persuader 193 30
79 Signposts 102 121
81 Lindsay Mitchell 91 135
81 roarprawn 45 181
83 Art and my life 117 112
84 Editing the Herald 15 216
85 Lively 86 147
86 Room 10 Grey Lynn School 170 64
87 ereport 123 112
88 The Dunedin School 200 36
89 Hitting Metal With A Hammer 162 76
90 Anarchia 77 164
91 New Zealand Conservative 61 181
92 Monkey with typewriter 123 121
93 Aspiring writer 111 135
94 Opposable thumb 135 112
95 Sharing the addiction 33 216
96 Auckland Blog 115 135
97 VirtualNorth 106 147
98 Neil Stockley 119 135
99 Christchurch Daily Photo 74 181
99 Love in a tent 74 181

Adventure into romance Home Education Foundation Red Alert
All embracing, but underwhelming Humanitarian Chronicle Reporter Girl
Aotearoa Dreaming I see red RobiNZ Personal Blog
Artblackhead ithink rob’s blockhead blog
B K Drinkwater Kerre Woodham’s World Room 8 @ Melville Intermediate
Beatie’s Book Blog Kia ora … bitches SageNZ
Beautiful Monsters Kiwipolitico Samuel Dennis
Being Frank Korero Pt England Say Hello
Ben’s New Zealand blog Leading and learning Scalia
Big News Life and Semper Vita
Bits on the side Luddite Journo Socialist Aotearoa
café pacific MacDoctor Moments Spatula Forum
Canterbury Atheists Manaia Kindergarten St Pius X – Room Six’s creations!!!
Chalkface 2.0 Manaiakalani Star Studded Super Step
Christian News NZ Michelle Boag Stargazer
Cr!key Creek Micky’s muses . . From the antipodes Tamaki Tales
dad4justice Migrating fish swin TCTV
Dave Gee: Life from Right Field myplacenictspace Teacher etalk
Dear John Naketa’s Blog Teaching Sagittarian
Deep(ish) Thought Nelson Daily Photo The Fairfacts Media Show
Distractions NewZblog The Other Blog
Einstein Music Journal Pacific Empire The Positive Atheist
Ellis in Wellyland Pareidoliac The sound of butterflies
Elsewoman Paul Long’s Ramblings The Thorndon bubble
Everyone is gifted Pedogogy of the compressed The visible hand in economics
Flying High Pip’s squeaks The Wellingtonista
From the Ends of the Earth Planet NZ Tech The world according to Misha
et the skinny:[from skinny] PM of NZ theSection59Blog
Gman Inc Pohaniginapete Think Beyond
Gotcha Policy Blog Thoughtspurs
Greenflame Pre-frontal lobotomy Three point turn
Hamilton Daily Photo Pundit Today is my Birthday
Harvest bird Put up thy Sword! Widgets and wikis and blogs . . . Oh my!!!
Hey Milly! Winged Ink

99 Problems but Style Ain’t One Greenpeace New Zealand Weblog Over the fence
Adding noughts in vain Henry People Points
Against the current High windows Phrenic philosophy
Alf Grumble I am Johnny King Prior knowledge
Amerinz Island in the Pacific Pt England scribes
And Slaters go Plop Jedd Rachel’s musings
Aotearoa: a wider perspective Jews, Christians and Muslims Working Together Realtively science
Arrdvaark Daily Joe Hendren Room 10 @ Morrinsville Intermediate school
Bioblog K P Crume publications Room 18’s Sharing Space
Blessed Economist Kahukura’s blog Ruth’s reflections
Blogging it real Keeping Stock Science Media Centre Blog
Bowalley Road Kiwitravelwriter Si Quando Dubium, Illic Est Scilicet
cbmilne33 Knowledge Workers Sleep500dotcom
CCL: Christian Classical Iberalist Lindaphotoart’s blog Sleeping with books
Christian Theist Lunchbox Snowballs
Comme il Faut m3teacher Spleen
Consumist Maidennz Stanselen
Contra Celsum Marketing intelligence for librarians
Courage to tremble Mars 2 Earth The adventures of a homely wife
Daily New Zealand News Media Fetish The chicken or the egg . .
Developing the mind of Christ Moon over Martinborough The fatal paradox
Dunedin Public Libraries news and reviews blog Nevermind The flightless writer
Earth is my Favourite Planet New Zealand foreign Policy The Home Office
Elena’s blog New Zealand Micro Party Watch Blog The Podgorani
Emeth aletheia New Zealand Websites toni twiss
English@kkc Newlifenz’s blog Truth Seeker
Extreme team 14 No excuses, just write Ulearn News
Farmgirl Nothing is what it seems Watching brief
fruitful faith NZ Blogosphere Wellington.scoop
Funerals and snakes NZ Conservative Wendyl Nissen
Genius Ohuirere Class Blog Whale Oil Beef Hooked
Glenview 9 Oliver Woods Workers Party
goNZo Freakpower Brains Trust Otagosh Writeups

A dark feathered art Janis Freeguard’s weblog Romm 17 rulz
A novelist speaks on books Jesus was a titman Room 18 learners
A Sensitivity to Things Joey Hill Room Ten’s Blog
A view from the pew John Dierckx Sandhurst Winery
ACT New Zealand blogs John Key Scepticon
ACT on campus Juggling Motherhood Scholarship@kkc
Agriblog Kai Tua o te Pae Scoop advertising
Ali’s blog ki ta himi titiro
Alliance Party of New Zealand Kiwi 4 a year Skeptics in the pub
Author of confusion Kiwi thoughts on life, travel .. Subversive ICT
Backchat Café KiwiSmithFamily Surfr
Barber’s meaty issues KP’s Computer Counsel Su’s Sound Bites
Bill English Lefthandpalm Swritches
Bitemymoko Loco Burro Politics – NZ Tales from a godless monkey
Brad Heap Lolly Scramble Tamahere forum
Brendon Burns Lost soul TANSA Talk
Canvassing for opinion Love Plant Life blog Tauranga Daily Photo
Catch the wave – Confused? Don’t be! The Atavism
Climate Kiwi Maori Party The Bull Pen
CORE Maungaturoto Daily Photo The Generation Y scientist
Cthonic Wildlife Ramblings Mr Publics organ of electric intercourse the gossip
Culture and Wine Neuseeland The Green Planet Blog
Daktari’s world New Day The Linesman
Deadball New Zealand Dog News The quiet world project
definitive New Zealand Science Talk The Republican Movement of Aotearoa new Zealand
Di’s Blog – ICT in Education New Zealand vs the world The Scientist NZ
Donovan’s world Not quite perfect Theology Geek
Dr Sapna NZ Atheist campaign Things I like to do
Dragonsinger NZ Right
Wing Leftie
Matters Talk
ecoLincNZ NZ Skeptic Transition towns Kapati
Enviro kids NZPI Trimph over madness
Family integrity On the farm True Paradigm Ozymandias Warning United Future
Going Places pete’s kiwi watch Unity Blog
Grant Robertson Photos from around New Zealand ViNES
Green is good Physics Stop Waikato Malaysians
Half-Geek Political animal Watchblog
Here I stand Prog blog Web Help NZ – SEO Blog
Hipkens on line Quote unquote
Home School Nations – New Zealand Reality Check What’s a simple man to do
ICT in Early ChildhoodEducation redrave
ICTPD Right to Life Wine enahnced metacognitions
Imperator Fish Righto Chaps Xenos theology
Indelible freckles rivetting KateTaylor Zeagirl’s Blog


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13 responses to “NZ blog ranks – August ’09

  1. Pingback: Posts about Information and Communication Technologies as of September 1, 2009

  2. Hmm. I’ve never really thought about getting people to subscribe to my feed. Does it have much value?


  3. I am sure it does, Bill. One can just have a RSS subscription button on your sidebar. But it does help to actually promote subscriptions. That’s certainly been my experience.

    Mind you – it’s hard to know once people subscribe if they actually read the feeds – or if this encourages them to visit the blog more frequently.

    But I am sure every little bit does help.


  4. Thanks. I have often wondered what the effect would be if Tumeke started also including the number of subs somehow in their stats. Looks like it wouldn’t make a huge difference, but there are some movements in the front pack.

    Have you looked at Feedburner? This gives a total of feeds and breaks them down into Bloglines, Netvibes, Google etc. I have a feedburner button on my site with the number of feeds.

    I am certain more people are using readers than they used to. On the whole I wonder if greater use of readers has led to less traffic for the smaller blogs who post less than daily – people don’t visit the site they just read the feed when it is posted. But I am happy to do so because it makes it easier for readers.

    Just my 2 cents after posting on the same small blog for 5 years!


  5. Joe – I have never been able to access statistics from feedburner that way. I have tried – as I would like to include more feed aggregators.

    Do you need to have a paid subscription to do it?


  6. What happens if you rank by sum of subscribers across both measures rather than average rank across both? There’s a much greater range in the Google Reader data and no particular reason to think that Bloglines subscribers should count for more than Google Reader subscribers.


  7. Ken – I don’t have a subscription for it, but I can’t tell you if you are able to pull the data off the internet the way you do. But the fact that Feedburners allows you to export your stats as a excel or csv suggests the raw data might be available somewhere.

    Feedburner is a little different in that it calculates feed use rather than just numbers of subscribers. There are so many ways to sub to feeds these days its difficult to keep up with. Some use firefox as a reader, but these are not counted by Feedburner in the tally for some reason.

    Is there a reason not to include raw feed numbers as well? Then you could just add up the number of readers in Bloglines and Google to get a total, then rank?

    Now JustLeft is a significantly more popular blog than mine, but we both have 22 subscribers according my Bloglines page – is there a reason for such a big difference in rankings? Just letting you know in case there is a quirk somewhere with the data.



  8. Hi Ken,

    Feedburner says I’ve got 213 readers at the moment. I’ve put a little widget to that effect in the right sidebar. Does that help?

    It provides loads of stats — well worth using, in my view.



  9. Eric – ranking a simple sum will basically give a rank for Google reader because those counts would dominate. I have assumed a model of giving equal credence to both feedreaders (despite the smaller numbers for bloglines) and then ranked the averaged rank.

    One could just as validly assume a different model – assuming different importance for the different readers. Rather than make any assumptions about that I chose to provide seperate ranks for both readers (columns 3 and 4) – anyone can choose whatever they think is most relevant. (I notice that some of the educational blogs have higher bloglines counts than reader counts).


  10. Joe – seem my comment above about separate treamtent of reader and Bloglines. Mind you, next time I might include a rank jsut based on totals to see how this differs from reader. I could put in raw numbers – an extra 2 columns, though).

    I think you must be reading a different bloglines page. The data I got for the above table (and this was still the same a few minutes ago) were counts of 2 for Joe Hendren and 36 for Just Left. (The pages I used were and


  11. Joe and Gareth – I have 2 problems with Feedburner:

    1: Can’t find any way of accessing the data without getting passwords from the individuals. This would be harder to handle that for the sitemeter visits stats.

    Unless there is an automatic way of getting into the pages, something I can set up in Google Spreadsheets or SeoQuake for example I can’t really do anything with Feedburner – even though I would like to.

    2: I even have trouble with my own Feedburner account – which shows 1, 2 or 4 subscribers – yet I have over 80 Google Readers subscribers who are supposed to be included. I know, I have spent the time to set it up properly. But I have tried and given up.

    If there was a way of getting at the Feedburner stats I would still rank them as a group rather than just comparing counts between the different aggregators.


  12. Hi Ken,

    I think I have worked out what is going on – bloglines has more than one feed for my blog. You have found another duplicate I did not know existed. There could well be other blogs affected by this too.

    Search bloglines for the following feed- this is where my 22 number comes from.

    I thought I had told blogger to point to my feedburner feed, perhaps these are old subscriptions – thanks for the link to the old feed I will investigate further.

    Might be an idea to add a disclaimer to your blog stats report recommending that people log in to bloglines and report duplicate feeds. Bloglines allows authors to claim a feed, and then you can report duplicates (I have already claimed 3 or 4 as duplicates)

    I will email Bloglines as I can’t seem to claim the feed you are using.


  13. Joe – the only ones I could find on Bloglines were: – 2 subscribers, and – ) subscribers.

    Nothing resulted from a search for Do you have a Bloglines id number for it?

    You have identified a problem though with multiple feeds. With bloglines I search for a blog (when I discover a new one) and locate an id number. Hadn’t thought of searching for multiple ids. There could be a similar problem with Google reader – I just take what Seoquake gives me.

    Bloody hell – with over 430 blogs it’s going to be difficult to check each one. And they will change over time. It’s just one of the hassles of getting data for such rating systems.

    Best to stick to something simple like sitemeter visit stats.


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