Stars, earth and water

Now here’s a great example of the combination of science (or at least the space programme), the arts and humanitarianism. It’s called Moving Stars and Earth for Water and will occur on October 9.

The event will include music, dance, visual arts, photography and poetry. The aim is to create social awareness aimed at solving humanity’s water problems. Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil, launched the project and will coordinate the performances from the International Space Station (ISSS).

Moving Stars and Earth for Water will be a truly global event – and then some. It will occur simultaneously in Montreal, Moscow,Santa Monica, New York City, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Marrakesh, Sydney, Tokyo, Tampa, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, London and the ISSS. Artists and world-renowned personalities will be reading parts of the poem written for the event and performing or sharing their artistic work.

All 14 events will be made available on as well as presented live in many cities. I have not yet heard anything about live presentations on New Zealand TV.

Guy Laliberte

Guy Laliberté was launched into orbit on Wednesday, together with Russian Cosmonaut Maksim Surayev and US astronaut Jeffrey Williams. (see video of launch below). They will be docking with the ISSS later today.

Notice the mascot soft toy lion. It was given to Guy by his daughters so he would have a little bit of home plus it was there to signify when they reached zero gravity.

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