BCA libels Simon Singh?

Update to A victory for Simon Singh.

Apparently the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) have given way to emotion in a public commen on Simon Singh’s small legal victory. In a press release (see BCAStatement 14 10 09) they claim that “the BSA was maliciously attacked by Dr Singh in the Guardian article.” Jack of Kent comments that this amounts to defamation and Singh could now counter sue (see BCA Defame Simon Singh). The BCA obviously realised this because they quietly withdrew and rewrote their press release (see BCA Statement 15 10 09).

This development could mean the BCA has drastically weakened their case.


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6 responses to “BCA libels Simon Singh?

  1. BCA Legal must have absolutely shat themselves when they saw the original.

    Ha ha ha ha ha.


  2. Twitter news in. BCA have joined twitter to become part of the discussion – riiiight now you want to talk.


  3. I can smell the “liquid paper” in their breath…


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