Secular charity

Anyone currently attached to social networking sites and applications will be aware of the huge groundswell of concern for the people of Haiti. Many people are searching for suitable agencies to channel their donations.

In my accompanying post No gods required, i referred to the need for secular aid agencies to be more easily identified. Many of us are concerned that aid money not be diverted into religious proselytizing.

people interested in secular charity will find this video interesting. it describes the formation of a new secular charity organisation – Foundation Beyond Belief.

The style of donations is also interesting. People make regular commitments with instructions on the amounts which should go to specific areas or charities. As the NZ government recently made possible the regular donation of wage earners to charity by automatic payments from salary by employers, this modern form of giving could become popular.

New Zealand is catching up with atheist bus advertisements. I look forward to us catching up with this form of secular charity.

YouTube – Foundation Beyond Belief.


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