Atheists provoke a reaction

This one had to come, I guess.

For a while now there have been videos circulated of a scene from the 2004 film Downfall where Hilter “looses it.” They have been dubbed to produce parodies supporting different viewpoints – some I sympathise with (see Peer review – an emotional roller coaster), others I don’t.

Register for the Atheist Convention Melbourne 12-14 March 2010
But the silly reaction of many religious spokespeople to things like the atheist bus adverts was just asking to be ridiculed. In this video the subject is the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne this March. Aussies, in particular, will probably appreciate some of the references to their politicians.

A bit of useful back story: Carl Wieland from the Creation Ministries International has attempted to muscle in on the convention with plans for a debate with some of the international speakers. He has been told to go away and organise his own thing. Contact individuals himself. And has typically reacted badly.

I enjoyed the video. Then again I would as I am registered to attend the convention (which is now booked out) and am looking forward to it.

YouTube – Hitler reacts to the Global Atheist Convention.

Thanks to PZ Myers at Another reaction from Carl Wieland to the Global Atheist Convention.


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One response to “Atheists provoke a reaction

  1. Nice piece….
    PS Hitler loosens it, loses it or leaves it loose? πŸ™‚


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