Get in line – who is the odd one out?

Picked this up from The freethinker (Caption this picture – and win a copy of ‘God Hates You – Hate Him Back’). Apparently it’s a genuine, un-Photoshopped picture. A fella in Darth Vader gear who fell into step with a flock of ecclesiastical coves out for a stroll.

Well, they are offering a prize for a suitable caption. Closing date for entries is February 8.

I am a bit slow today so nothing brilliant comes to mind. But I am sure there will be some great captions produced.

Actually, I just find the get-up of the five guys in front hilarious. Sillier than that one bringing up the rear.


Came across a video of the procession – “Darth Vadar joins a cult.” (Thanks to Exploring Our Matrix).


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8 responses to “Get in line – who is the odd one out?

  1. How about this one: Which one would you trust with your seven-year-old son?


  2. Dawkins takes his war on theism up a notch – incognito style.


  3. Saw this last year… pretty hard case. The bishops were good sports.


  4. They said on the invitation “Black cape affair”.
    “BLACK cape!” Humph.


  5. “The Galaxy leaders and their body guard heading for the Death Star Summit Meeting.”


  6. “Hey! How come you guys arn’t wearing your white hoods?


  7. “I, also, am your father”


  8. @Damian Very good. I would only add, in a higher pitched voice “…Me too!”


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