From Melbourne to Copenhagen

Echos of last weekend’s Global Atheist convention in Melbourne are still reverberating around the internet and in the print media. There have been some shocking newspaper reports in Australia (eg. Speakers true love of hatred) but also some good ones (eg. Australia’s atheists are a happy bunch).

Probably what we should expect at this stage. After all this convention was unique – the first of it’s kind.

There is good news for all those atheists who missed the Melbourne convention, or did attend this awesome event and are now suffering withdrawal symptoms. The Atheist Alliance International, which co-organised the Melbourne Convention, has planned a series of such international events. The Melbourne Convention was just the first. The next International Atheist Convention will take place in Copenhagen in a few months (June 18-20). Have a look at Atheist Alliance International 2010 Copenhagen Convention for details.

So far the list of speakers includes:

AC Grayling (UK)
Aroup Chatterjee (UK)
Brian Arly Jacobsen (DK)
Christer Sturmark (SE)
Dan Barker (US)
Gregory Paul (US)
Ivana Bacik (IRE)
Jens Morten Hansen (DK)
Lone Frank (DK)
Michael Nugent (IRE)
Mikael Rothstein (DK)
PZ Myers (US)
Paula Kirby (UK)
Per Bilde (DK)
Rasmus Fynbo / Mushi (DK)
Rebecca Goldstein (US)
Rebecca Watson (UK)
Richard Wiseman (UK)
Robin Ince (UK)
Roy W. Brown (UK)
Simon Bressendorff (DK)
Taslima Nasrin (US)
Victor Stenger (US)

And there is a a “highly relevant, surprise speaker you do not want to miss” programmed.

Looks fascinating. It’s obviously going to be different from the Melbourne Convention. Different cultures, different languages. But I am pleased to see the programme includes humour and entertainment which helped make Melbourne so successful. The Friday evening is devoted to “Godless Entertainment.”

By the way – Tickets for the Copenhagen convention are discounted if purchased before April 1!


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2 responses to “From Melbourne to Copenhagen

  1. Christ they move quick. Just realized that I had breakfast with you on the Friday morning. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk more.


  2. Yes, a pity. The group was a bit big. Too many people, too little time.

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