Don’t trust Monckton!

This is a great presentation which needs wider coverage. In it Professor John Abraham from the School of Engineering (University of St Thomas, Minnesota) does an excellent job of dissecting Lord Christopher Monckton’s deceit on climate change. Not a single one of Monckton’s claims stand up to scrutiny (see Abraham presentation or click on image).

Many of the claims and presentations made by those opposing the science of climate change could be similarly debunked. Unfortunately, this takes time. It’s quicker to lie or make wild claims than it is to do a critical assessment of evidence.

The great thing is that Abraham has put in the time for us. He critiques of presentation made by Monckton last October. Abraham has chased up the references. Emailed the scientists who did the work. His presentation is balanced, unemotional and authoritative. But very telling.

After watching this if you are honest you would never take any of Monckton’s claims seriously again. He has been thoroughly discredited.

It’s over an hour long – but well worth the effort and time of watching.

UPDATE: Abraham’s presentation has now been made available on YouTube as videos which can be downloaded. There is also a complete list of his source on Planet Climate.

2nd UPDATE: Monckton has now attempted to refute Abraham’s analysis (see A Preliminary Response to John Abraham — the extremists join the climate debate at last!). Bit of a tirade, I’m afraid.


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3 responses to “Don’t trust Monckton!

  1. Thank you Professor Abraham! As you say, it’s a clear, well-presented, point-by-point rebuttal of Monckton’s nonsense. My husband emailed him a personal thanks!


  2. Heh the rebuttal is pretty good fun especially If you have any lingering thoughts that he is a reasonable guy. Full blown frothing at the mouth vitriol.

    My favourite line?
    “What is Monbiot’s qualification to write about climate science? Well, like Abraham, he is a “scientist”. Trouble is, he’s a fourteenth-rate zoologist, so his specialism has even less to do with climate science than that of Abraham, who nevertheless presents himself as having scientific knowledge relevant “in the area”.”

    Where as being a Journalism major means that Monckton is fully qualified to discuss this.

    Its also cute how his estimate for sea level rise increases 5 fold in a single paragraph.

    “First, he says that the IPCC predicts 20-50 cm of sea-level rise this century, not 6 cm. Well, yes it does, but the reason for the difference is that the IPCC’s figure (which still amounts to below 2 feet, not 20, and it’s actually rising at just 1 ft/century at present, if that) is for sea-level rise from all sources, chiefly thermosteric expansion, not just from ice-melt.”

    Thermosteric expansion being the effect of oceans expanding. From increasing heat. Which obviously has nothing to do with climate change or the climate getting warmer.


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