Hot science blogs

Well, I don’t know how one judges the temperature of a science blog. But I certainly find them interesting and hope you do to.

There are ones I go to every day. I follow the feeds of others. And I am certainly interested in the New Zealand science blogs. These got a real boost last year when the New Zealand Sciblog platform was created.

So it’s great that the UK Guardian is putting together a list of the “hottest’ science blogs on the internet (see Wanted: The hottest science blogs on the world wide web).

They have already put together an initial list of their own favourite blogs – 18 in total. But there’s a lot more out there. And they don’t seem to be aware of the many New Zealnd blogs.

Never mind. They are asking for additions:

“Most importantly of all we’d love to know your favourite science blogs and websites? The ones you wish you had thought of? The ones you can’t spend a day without checking, or even the ones where you go to for a quick respite from real life? Either leave your thoughts below (go to Post a comment) or tweet me (@alokjha) or the science team (@guardianscience) direct. We’ll collate the suggestions over the next few days and post a list of readers’ recommendations.”

I think all New Zealand science bloggers should comment or tweet the Guardian and/or Alok Jha. Let them know we exist.

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