A competition for Aussie science blogs

I wonder how many science blogs there are in Australia. How do the numbers compare with New Zealand?

Anyway it looks like organisers of the Australian National Science Week are taking their local blogger seriously. They have launched a competition to determine the National Science Week 2010 blogger. All Australian-based science blogs are eligible and anyone can nominate their favourite blog (or their own blog).

NOTE: Nominations close 28 June 2010.

The Prize

Besides being named the official National Science Week 2010 blogger the winner will receive a four-day blogging trip to their choice of events during National Science Week (14 – 22 August). As the official National Science Week 2010 blogger the winner will have the opportunity to blog about the events they attend, the people they meet and some of the interesting things they learn.

Seems like a great idea.

Have a look atΒ  Big Blog Theory for more information and the nomination form.

Can anyone suggest suitable blogs to nominate?

How about?:
Watching the Deniers
10 Days of science
Australian Science Media Centre
Homologous Legs
Moth incarnate

NominateClick here to nominate your favourite science blog. Nominations close 28 June 2010.


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12 responses to “A competition for Aussie science blogs

  1. Cheers for the mention, however, mine definitely falls short. Sure, this Innovation is key project is well referenced, but in general mine isn’t highly scientific.. I play around with graphics too much.. lol
    The others you’ve mentioned are very good and I’ve got Deltoid and WTD on my reader. They take better effort to reference and provide scientific reason than myself.
    BraveNewClimate would be another worth mentioning.


  2. “Watching the Deniers” is a science site?

    We are now in bizarro land,


  3. We’ve got an Anonymous stalker. I noticed this person on your previous post and they have since commented on mine.
    BTW, if you wish to have comments posted on my blog, you’ll need to be a little less shy and they need to be relevant.
    As for WTD, it’s hard to define your reasoning, as you like to hide, however the work done on Mike’s sight is well researched and referenced. Like the old Democratic party; he’s trying to keep the bastards honest, not just throwing little comments around incognito.


  4. What kind of science does WTD study or report on?

    Looks more like a political propaganda site to me.


  5. Well, Anon, you don’t have to nominate him. Which is a bit irrelevant because I already have.

    The judges list a number of criteria on their site which they will use. My aim would be to make sure any blog covered by the criteria is considered. I am actually interested in seeing how many blogs do get nominated.

    Now, I like Mike’s blog. He does a great job of countering the anti- science rubbish we get from the deniers.

    Who would you nominate, and why? Specious comments without substance really don’t contribute.


  6. Specious comments without substance really don’t contribute.

    Ken, that probably WAS “Anon” making a futile stab at a comment with substance.

    Sadly, it’s unlikely to get any better than that.
    “Anon” evidently puts as much thought and effort into his comments as he does into his ‘nom de plume’.

    Checked out your blog.
    Liked it.
    Keep up the good work.


  7. Hey, thanks for mentioning my site! However, I believe Kylie Sturgess from http://podblack.com has already nominated me. I still don’t know why though. :p


  8. Anon, honestly is all part of science. WTD doesn’t only uncovers lies, but also provides evidence to back it up.
    I suspect you’re a fan of Nova and/or Bolt who Mike constantly demonstrates as being unworthy of popular attention.
    Cedric, cheers πŸ™‚


  9. Well worth a mention (and I’ve just nominated it) is Ove Hoegh-Guldberg’s Climate Shifts. Good looking site, great for following oceanic impacts of climate change.


  10. Watching the Deniers

    Thanks for the nod Ken, much appreciated πŸ˜‰

    Personally I’m a big fan of Deltoid and Climate Shifts. Both very good, and as a lay person I often go to those two to get a better understanding of the science.

    The community around Deltoid is also very good.

    I was not aware of the others, but


  11. Watching the Deniers

    …but I’ll be checking them out!


  12. Very interesting discussion. I am an aerospace engineer working on fuel combustion. So far fuel efficiency with no consideration to the environmental impact of the fuel used to be the prime concern in our research. The department of environmental engineering used to do separate research to control pollution. Last year we took an initiative to do combined research with environmental engineering department to do research on increasing fuel efficiency having environmental impact as a consideration.


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