Support John Abraham against Monckton’s bullying

Six weeks ago I posted a slideshow of a talk by John Abrahm’s (see Don’t trust Monckton!).

It was a calm and objective investigation into the claims made by Christopher Monckton in one of his lectures. If you didn’t watch it I highly recommend you do so.

Trouble is, Monckton is not used to such exchanges and has climbed out of his tree. His has written a 99 page “rejection” of Abraham’s talk and sent threatening letters to both Abraham and his employers (University of St Thomas, Minnesota). Asking for the presentation to be removed form the web site and demanding money – which has all the implication of possible legal action.

Now he is further organising his minions via climate change denier blogs to send similar letters to  the University of St Thomas.

Monckton can’t be allowed to succeed in this campaign. I has all the earmarks of those campaigns by Stalinists against dissident Russian scientists, or the German Nazis against Jewish scientists.

It is important that supporters of science make the university aware that this sort of bullying is just not acceptable.

Gareth at Hot Topic is organising a way for you to make your support for Abraham known. Just leave your name on a comment at his post Support John Abraham. He will ensure these messages of support get to Abraham’s employers.

Effectively Gareth is asking us to support the statement:

We the undersigned offer unreserved support for John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton. Professor Abraham provided an important public service by showing in detail Monckton’s misrepresentation of the science of climate, and we applaud him for that effort, and St. Thomas University for making his presentation available to the world.

UPDATE 10:30 am, July 16: I am heartened at the huge support Abraham is getting – currently over 630 people have added teir names to Gareth’s post at Hot Topic (Support John Abraham). In contrast Mockton provides copies of three (3) letters sent to the University of St Thomas as a result of his campaign (see Letters to Father Dease in support of Monckton). Some of Monckton’s supporters are starting to question his wisdon in this attack and threat of legal action.

I believe it important that everyone who is concerned with protecting science from this sort of censorship add their names to the list at Hot Topic. Unfortunately science employers can sometimes be influence by threats of legal action to employ self censorship. However if the University is aware that there is a groundswell of public support for both them and Abraham I am confident they will not give in.

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7 responses to “Support John Abraham against Monckton’s bullying

  1. You should make it known Abraham is taking down his original presentation.

    You should also include a link to Monckton’s response so people can read it for themselves to see if this is a scare campaign or if, as I determined, Abraham made dozens of false and misleading statements about Monckton.

    Then folks can make up their mind for themselves instead of blindly following your advice.


  2. Dirk, Abraham has not taken down his original presentation at all. All he has done us put up an extra amended version taking into account some of Monckton’s comments.

    Monckton’s original response is included as an updated link in my original post linked to here.

    Have a look at Hot Topic. Support for Abraham is pouring in. A huge number if people appear to have watched Abraham’s presentation and been impressed by it.

    We don’t want to see such objective and considered work censored.

    Monckton is a fool and a bully. I think even some of his supporters are turning against him on this one. They feel he had gone too far on this one.


  3. You should make it known Abraham is taking down his original presentation.

    You should stop being an idiot.
    Why do you feel the need to lie on the internet?
    Google is not your friend.
    I would like to see you fight hot lava.


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  5. John Abraham and Mr Monkton are both pompous asses.
    John Abraham uses Ad hom attacks and doesn’t show the data, he just shows the authors personal opinions.
    Mr (lord) Monkton is the king of the cherry pickers, if he worked in a orchard he would be a


  6. Ianpp – you clearly have not watched John Abraham’s presentation. It is evidence based, calm and reasoned. And dies not attack the person.

    The complete opposite if Monckton’s silly, childish and spiteful attack on Monckton.


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