Recognising good science bloggers and Big Blog Theory winners

Back in June I mentioned A competition for Aussie science blogs.

Well results are now in and you can see the winners at Australia’s best science blogger revealed!. The winner of the blog category is Save Your Breath for Running Ponies. The winner of the microblogging category was Corri Baker at @cbsquared_.

Hopefully this competition has brought science blogging to the attention of more Australians.

Token Skeptics, an Australian blog and podcast run by Kylie Sturgess recently interviewed Dr Jessie Shore On Science Communication. The blog also includes a short video of Jessie discussing science blogging. He has some useful information both for bloggers and for readers of blogs. It’s worth watching.

YouTube – How to Spot a Good Science Blogger.

Thanks to Token Skeptic : Last Chance – To Vote For Best Australian Science Blog!


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2 responses to “Recognising good science bloggers and Big Blog Theory winners

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