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August ’10 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

I currently have  over 220 New Zealand blogs with publicly available statistics. These rely on blogs having sitemeters which allow public access to the stats.

So, here is the monthly ranking of NZ blogs for August 2010. The 7 day rankings are still available any time at NZ blogs average daily visits. It’s worth following a few blogs on the daily visit list. Ranking is a lot more volatile and it’s interesting to watch blogs move up and down and speculate on the reasons.

This monthly ranking has 12 fewer blogs than the 7 day ranking. This is because monthly figures are not available for sites using the Bravenet counter.

The blogs are listed in the table below, together with monthly visits and page view numbers for August, 2010.

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Fallout from Hauser affair spreads

For background to the scientific misconduct charges circulating around Marc D Hauser have a look at A paper by Marc Hauser retracted – Harvard Magazine, A sympathetic take on Marc Hauser and the “scientific misconduct” issue, Hauser misconduct investigation – Full text of Dean’s statement, Marc Hauser replies – acknowledges mistakes and The myth of the noble scientist.

While Hauser’s acknowledgment confirms the eight misconduct charges mentioned by Harvard University’s Dean of the Faculty of Arts Sciences there is concern that the misconduct will taint the rest of Hauser’s work and publications.

It’s probably understandable that full clarity must await the final conclusions of US federal investigative agencies but inevitably there will be speculation. Gerry Altmann, the editor of the journal Cognition, posted a statement on his blog saying that his own review of information provided to him by Harvard has convinced him that fabrication is the most plausible explanation for data in a 2002 Cognition paper. This is the paper that is being retracted. (Two other published papers are being corrected and the other five incidents did not result in publications or were corrected before publication).

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