New science blogs in New Zealand

This last week has seen the entry of three new science bloggers onto the New Zealand scene. Or more specifically the SciBlogs NZ scene.

Southern Genes is the blog of Genetics Otago. It has members, and hence contributors, from University of Otago, but also in AgResearch and Abacus Bio. There are also members from the University of Otago Christchurch and Wellington campuses. Genetics Otago members have interests in all aspects of genetics; from science to the impact of genetics on society and law.

So we expect many and varied posts at Southern Genes. But all interesting.

Jesse Dykstra is writing for Shaken Not Stirred. He is a PhD student in the Natural Hazards Research Centre at Canterbury University and has studied natural hazards in Fiordland, Alaska and British Columbia. Looks like he will have plenty to write about –  and not too far from home. He is currently running a series on the Canterbury earthquakes.

From seeing data blog

And then there is Chris McDowell. He works as an informatics researcher at Landcare Research helping look after some of New Zealand’s environmental datasets of national significance. Chris develops tools to help scientists visualise data. Have a look at his blog seeing data and his recent post on Mapping quakes in Canterbury.

Have a look at these new blogs. They are sure to be interesting.

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