Check out those climate change claims on the internet

This looks interesting. Skeptical Science has introduced a Firefox add-on which enables an internet surfer to rapidly check out the arguments found on web pages and blogs. Great for those without a specialist knowledge in the area of climate science. So much of this information on the internet is distorted or downright wrong. This could save the interested surfer the time and effort required to research claims for themselves.

As the image above showsΒ  the report includes information on the real science. I can see people wishing to place comments at an offending blog using this feature.

The add-on also enables interested surfers to make their own reports on blogs and web pages. Those supporting the science as well as the offending ones.

This will provide a chance for the more interested surfer to contribute information and links to the Daily Climate Links email and Global Warming Links page. A chance to contribute to a very useful resource.

Go to Skeptical Science Firefox Add-on: Send and receive climate info while you browse for more information on the add-on. Looks like it could be fun.

You can download the SkS Firefox Add-on at Skeptical Science 1.0.

See also: Get your climate change science on the run for details of Skeptic Science’s iPhone and ipod Touch application. Another useful way of checking our the science of climate change.

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4 responses to “Check out those climate change claims on the internet

  1. Skeptical Science is a great resource.
    Having the PRATT arguments catalogued and organised like that is a powerful demonstration as to how shallow and dated objections to climatology are.
    One of the things about internet science deniers is that they think they are being somehow original or clever by using a “stumper”.
    They pick it up wholesale from some crappy denier site, swallow it completely like a gullible little, ignorant sheep and then feel that they somehow “know something” that the rest of the planet does not.
    It never seems to occur to them that the “stumper” is well past it’s use-by date and has been done to death.
    There’s no point in going round and round the mulberry bush with those people.
    Being able to refer to the exact same argument that they are using (complete with a detailed rebuttal) will save a lot of tedium.

    One thing that I personally would like to see is a scoreboard on how many times the climate denial PRATTs pop up in the media.
    Every time a PRATT is used somewhere on telly or some famous idiot blurts one out in an interview, a point is awarded to that specific PRATT.
    You could even make a PRATT bingo board!
    The idea is to inject comedy into the mix and expose just how vapid and zombified objections to climate science truly are.
    We’ve gone well past the stage where the scientific community has made a concerted effort to reach out and engage and clearly explain their findings.

    What is now needed is to expose the zombies to some richly deserved humour.


  2. Richard Christie

    Cedric, a few persistent trolls over on Gareth’s Hot Topic blog richly deserve your inimitable attention. πŸ™‚


  3. Hmm, popped over there but they don’t look too inspiring.
    It’s either a motley collection of hit-and-runners or one sad and lonely guy creating sock-puppets.

    (Not like that has never happened before. Isn’t that right, Andy Scrace?
    Right? Stupid, dishonest, cowardly idiot that you are.)


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