Secular News Daily – useful source

I have just started syndicating this blog to Secular News Daily

Secular News Daily provides news and views from a secular perspective. With a primary focus on church and state issues, it also examines philosophy, science, and culture.

It has recently introduced a policy of syndicating secular blogs and providing blogging space to readers.  Secular News Daily has an international readership, receiving 1,200 – 1,500 unique visitors daily.

As a constantly updating source of secular news, press releases and blog posts from secular sources it’s worth bookmarking or taking the RSS feed.

3 responses to “Secular News Daily – useful source

  1. It would be helpful if your post were to include a link to the Secular News Daily site, not just the RSS feed. The logo is an obvious element to link to the site, but at the moment it’s just a GIF file.


  2. Thanks Mark – I will fix this when I get make to my PC. Have been a bit rushed.

    Although I am sure I attached the correct link to the secular news widget in the sidebar.


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