A hymn for Darwin Day

This little hymn brings back memories and seems quite appropriate with Darwin Day (February 12) coming up.

I remember very little from my Sunday school education. But three memories I have from the Salvation army Sunday School I attended are:

  1. Being told that in heaven the streets were paved with gold!
  2. Singing “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam!”, and
  3. Singing “All things bright and beautiful.”

Of course the last hymn has been sung by experts – Monty Python comes to mind.

But here is the latest I picked up by Ben Hillman.

Thanks also to RichardDawkins.net. 

Darwin Day

A tradition has developed, particularly in the USA, for the scientific community to mark Charles Darwin’s birthday each year wiuth a reange of events. Lectures, conferences, seminars, etc. The International Darwin Day Foundation provides a list of events for the current year.

The Clergy letter project also celebrates Darwin’s birthday with Evolution Weekend events. Their intention is “show that religion and science are not adversaries . . . through sermons, discussion groups, meaningful conversations and seminars.” This year  they say  “575 Congregations from all 50 States, the District of Columbia and 13 Countries are scheduled to participate in Evolution Weekend.”

I don’t know what events are taking place in New Zealand. For myself, I am going to celebrate Darwin’s 202nd birthday by reading an appropriate book.

I have chosen The Evolutionary World: How Adaptation Explains Everything from Seashells to Civilization by Geerat J. Vermeij. It’s not a normal biology book. Vermeij’s treatment is more philosophical.

The first chapter compares the adaption occurring in the evolutionary process to the hypothesis formation and testing occurring in the scientific method. It’s a fascinating comparison.

I’ll post a review of the book in due course.

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