Making sense of Ring gate?

Here is some sense on the Ring Gate  – the controversial interview of Ken Ring on Campbell live about prediction of earthquakes. Radio Wammo presented this interview with media commentator Russell Brown. He makes some important points

It does raise a lot of questions, though.

  • Why can people like King Ring get such large support and garner a dedicated following?
  • What does this say about the prevalence, or lack of, critical thinking in the population at large?
  • It look like Ring has taken advantage of the current understandable concern about earthquakes in New Zealand.
  • Is this ethical of him? Is it any more ethical than those who take advantage of human tragedies to claim they were caused by their gods. (Incidentally, the website which claimed the Christchurch earthquake was cause by our naughty behavior seems to have been taken down).

See also:

For some scientific analysis of this issue see SciBlogs NZ and the posts Running rings around the Moon Man? and Ken Ring can’t predict earthquakes either.

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6 responses to “Making sense of Ring gate?

  1. I think it’s quite obvious that someone claims to be able to predict the weather through supernatural means. He’s likely delusional, so whether he thinks it is unethical is anyone’s guess.

    What is truly unfortunate is that we live in societies where, largely thanks to religion, people are willing to beliefs without any sort of fact or evidence.


  2. Ken Ring is either delusional or a charlatan. See



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  4. He’s both, Euan.


  5. The Christchurch Wizard dishes out some sensible advice to his fellow Cantabrians – including not to listen to Ken Ring and his ‘crackpot lunatic’ theories.


  6. Thanks ropata – worth looking at. Some common sense on his “rain dances.”


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