Beauty, mystery and science

Here’s a cartoon aimed at demolishing the claim that science destroys the wonder and mystery of things.

via xkcd: Beauty. Thanks to Prof. Abel Méndez (@ProfAbelMendez).

How many times have I found the person in the street is more often turned off by what the scientists finds beautiful. Think small organisms, waste, bugs, soils, clay minerals, etc.

Richard Dawkins wrote about the fallacy of science destroying beauty in his book Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder.

Brian Green demonstrates this scientific enthusiasm in the recent interview on the Guardian Science Weekly podcast (Science Weekly podcast: Just how many universes are there?). he basically discusses ideas in his new book  The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos.

I have a copy and am looking forward to reading it.

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One response to “Beauty, mystery and science

  1. On the subject of science destroying the wonder and mystery of things, I recall a letter to the editor of the NZ Herald a few years, but not many, back. The lady, from Christchurch, said something similar about science in response to growing atheism. She said that she loved to sit on her back porch in the evening with a cup of tea and sit in wonder at the glory of God’s heavens. I replied that if she wanted to see a black firmament with little twinkling stars in it, she could come to Auckland and see the same at the Civic theatre. I said that if she was interested in the glory of nature she needed to see the photographs taken by scientists through earth-based and satellite-based telescopes of what was behind those little twinkling stars (there have been many more fabulous photographs taken since). That is really glorious. She didn’t respond. I have seen similar letters about the glory of music, painting and the like.


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