Your chance for a free book

Expert WitnessHere’s a chance to win a book from SciBlogs NZ. The book is Anna Sandifords Expert Witness. It describes what forensic science is really like, and shares tales from the forensic front-line in New Zealand and overseas.

Go to Code for Life’s post A forensic scientist tells it like it is – free book to give away for a review and details of the giveaway. To enter the giveaway just comment after the review giving one question you would ask if you met a forensic scientist.

(I don’t see the expiry date so recommend you be in quick).

Anna blogs at The Forensic Group which is also syndicated at SciBlogs NZ – Forensic Scientist.

35 responses to “Your chance for a free book

  1. O/T but I keep getting a dialog box popping up that says “A username and password are being requested by The site says: “” I am using the latest Firefox browser.


  2. I am assuming you mean when you click my link to the Code for Life post. That’s strange – it works for me and I alsi have the latest Firefox.

    They do have a Captcha access which may be a factor.

    Suggest you try again a few times (commenters are getting through) – or let sciblogs itself know about the problem (


  3. No, Ken, what I mean is that every time I access your blog (no clicks), I get this dialog popping up.

    I don’t get it on any other sites, so I am assuming that it is one of your plugins.

    Tried on another machine (FF again) and it is OK. However, I do see your site trying to connect to

    No drama, but I thought I’d raise the issue in case other users were getting pestered by it. It is an authentication request of some sort.(Probably some evil climate deniers trying to hack your site 😉 )


  4. I don’t kinow about climate deniers – but I did have an SIS file at one stage (really must try to get a copy).

    Thanks for letting me know. Not sure what to do about it.

    Does any one else have the same experience?


  5. Perhaps try clear out your caches, cookies, etc. and see if that gets rid of it.


  6. Interesting – I tried on another machine running IE8 and got the same problem. I think it might be one of your stats counters. You probably need to set the credentials in the javascript or something like that. The authentication is either missing or failing and popping the security dialog


  7. Everything fine for me.

    On another issue, I am a little bit divorced from the NZ media at the moment. From a news story I read this morning, it seems that the ACT parties offical policy re: cimate change is one of denial. Is that correct? And are there any other denialist NZ political parties?


  8. I’ll keep the competition for the free book open until at least Sunday night to allow infrequent visitors to my blog a fair chance. So the chance is still there! 😉


  9. Coincidentally, Nick, a recent email from a local denier group provides an answer:

    “To date there are three parties we know of- Act, Kiwi Party and Libertarianz- which do not hold to the global warming/ETS/carbon zero mantra.”


  10. Nick,
    I just checked the Act website. Their policy statement on climate change is this:

    8 Climate change. Adopt saner policies. Low carbon tax better than carbon trading

    Countries where similar policies work well:US, Canada (British Columbia), Australia

    Not sure where “denial” comes into the picture.


  11. Andy, it’s easy to find denial rhetoric from ACT leaders like Hyde, Boscowan and Brash. And from the right wing think tank who pulls their strings.

    After all the disgusting campaign against our NIWA scientists, the lies told about the data, and the completely false graph circulated back at the time of “climategate” were all assisted by people like Boscowan and Hyde.

    If that wasn’t outright denial, and lying, I don’t know what qualifies.

    And it was all assisted by apologists from those other 2 micro parties.


  12. I was referring specifically to the Act party’s policy statement, as was Nick I believe.

    Of course, politicians do what they do best, lie to us, so we learn to take all of that with a pinch of salt. Take Julia “No Carbon Tax” Gillard for example


  13. Oh, by the way Ken, you can probably dig up some “denial rhetoric” from John Key and Nick Smith too, if you trawl through the online Hansard archives


  14. And the specific deniers I was referring to are Neil and Esther Henderson , who call themselves “climate realists”! Paranoid cranks.

    The fact remains that act leaders have endorsed denier lies and promoted them. In the process defaming our scientists. Disgusting.


  15. I am sure, Andy. But at least those 2 politicians have not sunk to the depths of attacking and defaming our scientists


  16. Richard Christie

    Andy, since it appears that you’re commenting from Christchurch, can you confirm or deny your full name is Andy Scarse.


  17. Why do you care what my name is Richard?


  18. For the record, I don’t approve of personal attacks or smears on people, whichever political affiliation you belong to.

    I do think Act were a little hasty to jump to conclusions on the NIWA issue.


  19. Hardly “hasty,” Andy. They were right in the thick of it.

    Do you think Treadgold was a “little hasty” to produce and circulate his little doument “Are We Getting Warm Yet?” That was fuill of slander and lies.


  20. What I meant by “hasty” was jumping to conclusions without doing some more analysis.I guess that Act were hoping to make political capital out of it. Can’t say I approve, but then what do you expect of politicians?

    I haven’t read the “warmer yet” paper so I can’t really comment.


  21. Richard Christie

    Why do you care what my name is Richard?

    There appears to me to be similarities in topics of interest and mannerisms between you and a previous commenter in here called Andy Scarse.

    Mr Andy Scarse used another living person’s identity as a sock puppet when commenting on climate matters on this blog. I’m just providing you the opportunity to distance yourself from any suspicion that you may be the same person.


  22. Andy – perhaps you should read Treadgold’s “paper” and that will give you the context.

    Even for a poltician the way ACT leaders have involved themselves in this defamation of our scientists is scraping the very bottom of the barrel.

    You aren’t an act member are you? You do seem defensive.


  23. No, I am not a member of any political party


  24. Mr Andy Scarse used another living person’s identity as a sock puppet when commenting on climate matters on this blog.

    Oh, I remember that guy.
    He was indeed a sad little man that was so desperate that he stooped to creating sockpuppets.
    That’s an instant banning offence on most science blogs.

    Andy, since it appears that you’re commenting from Christchurch, can you confirm or deny your full name is Andy Scarse.
    Stop being a weasel. It looks bad.
    Confirm or deny.


  25. And the specific deniers I was referring to are Neil and Esther Henderson , who call themselves “climate realists”! Paranoid cranks.

    Never heard of them before…so naturally I did some googling.
    Nutjobs. There’s not a single brain-dead denialist talking point they don’t like.
    And Monckton? Oh they just lurv Monckton.
    I wonder if they know that he’s NOT who he says he is and he DOESN’T know what he says he knows?
    Lord Monckton Bunkum Part 1 – Global cooling and melting ice


  26. Richard Christie

    Cedric, thank you for the link back to some of the earlier Scrase comments.

    It appears above that I have misspelled Andy Scrase as Andy Scarse (whom I believe was aka Hank in comments on later posts).

    Potholer’s debunking is excellent, as usual.


  27. Richard Christie

    Speaking of Neil and Esther Henderson, it appears that they’re seeking volunteers to help organise a Mad Monckton speaking tour here in a few weeks.


  28. Dumber than a bag of hammers.
    It’s got to be the most shamelessly padded resume I’ve ever seen.

    Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, who has advised Prime Ministers…

    Golly gosh. Whom exactly has he advised? On what specifically? When?

    …Presidents and a range of Governments around the world…

    Yes, yes, yes and the crowned heads of Europe as well no doubt. Whom exactly has he advised? On what specifically? When?

    Lord Monckton is an hereditary peer.

    Oh is he? Are you sure about that? And even if he is…so bloody what?

    He has participated in climate conferences with President Klaus in New York…

    He “participated” in a conference? That’s supposed to be important for some reason?

    …and accepted an invitation to participate in a climate conference at Cambridge University in May 2011.

    So..there was a “climate conference” that took place at Cambridge University and Monckton accepted an invitation from somebody to attend. This is important because…?
    Who actually organized the conference? Who actually attended? Did it have anything to do with the University?

    He has twice spoken before representatives of the Chinese Government…

    One can only feel sympathy for them.

    …one of whom asked for copies of his papers on climate sensitivity for forwarding to Peking, saying that his research conclusions had major implications for China.

    One small problem here. Monckton doesn’t do any research. None. Not even a tiny bit.

    He has also prepared a brief on the climate for Canada’s Prime Minister.

    Under what circumstances? Did the PM actually ask for one or was it self-induced? Doesn’t the Canadian PM have is own science advisors who are actually qualified to give scientific advice?

    Monckton is a loon. Climate deniers are hypnotized by him. They just can’t get enough of him. Bizzare.
    But let’s have a look at what happens when Monckton comes to speak. What kind of a crowd does he draw? Look and listen to them carefully. Behold the climate deniers.

    No Carbon Tax Rally – 09/07/11 Sydney AUSTRALIA – Lord Christopher Monckton (2of3)


  29. Richard Christie

    It’s profoundly depressing that it has been so difficult for a wealthy nation like Australia to move on carbon emissions given that its economy is booming and virtually unaffected by the recent global fiscal crises.


  30. Richard Christie

    But let’s have a look at what happens when Monckton comes to speak. What kind of a crowd does he draw? Look and listen to them carefully. Behold the climate deniers.

    More on that rally and Mad Monkton’s tour in Australia:
    ABC Audio “The Lord Monckton roadshow”


  31. Thanks for the link, Richard.

    That was a very creepy interview. It really lifts up a rock on those people.
    Who paid for Monckton’s plane ticket?
    Gosh darn it, nobody seems to know.
    How convenient.

    Chief amongst them a mysterious group called the Galileo Movement and mining magnate and now media player Gina Rinehart.

    The Galileo Movement? Google their blog. It’s chock-a-bloc with the usual suspects.
    Refuses to reveal who it’s doners are?
    You surprise me.
    Two retirees with the backing of a radio shock-jock and coal money who oh-so-modestly compare themselves to Galileo?
    The“Galileo Gambit” seems to pop up quite a lot with the crank community.


  32. Richard Christie

    Certainly was creepy, urghh, especially David Archibald and the Lavoisier Group, who’ll all get their rewards in heaven, after they’ve dealt to the forces of darkness (i.e. scientists).


  33. Richard Christie

    Mad Monkton has been very publicly told off by House of Lords

    “The House of Lords has taken the unprecedented step of publishing a “cease and desist” letter on its website demanding that Lord Christopher Monckton, a prominent climate sceptic and the UK Independence party’s head of research, should stop claiming to be a member of the upper house……”
    The Guardian, 2011 07 18


  34. Richard Christie

    Dear Lord Monckton

    My predecessor, Sir Michael Pownall, wrote to you on 21 July 2010, and again on 30 July 2010, asking that you cease claiming to be a Member of the House of Lords, either directly or by implication. It has been drawn to my attention that you continue to make such claims.

    In particular, I have listened to your recent interview with Mr Adam Spencer on Australian radio. In response to the direct question, whether or not you were a Member of the House of Lords, you said “Yes, but without the right to sit or vote”. You later repeated, “I am a Member of the House”.

    I must repeat my predecessor’s statement that you are not and have never been a Member of the House of Lords. Your assertion that you are a Member, but without the right to sit or vote, is a contradiction in terms. No-one denies that you are, by virtue of your letters Patent, a Peer. That is an entirely separate issue to membership of the House. This is borne out by the recent judgment in Baron Mereworth v Ministry of Justice (Crown Office) where Mr Justice Lewison stated:

    “In my judgment, the reference [in the House of Lords Act 1999] to ‘a member of the House of Lords’ is simply a reference to the right to sit and vote in that House … In a nutshell, membership of the House of Lords means the right to sit and vote in that House. It does not mean entitlement to the dignity of a peerage.”

    I must therefore again ask that you desist from claiming to be a Member of the House of Lords, either directly or by implication, and also that you desist from claiming to be a Member “without the right to sit or vote”.

    I am publishing this letter on the parliamentary website so that anybody who wishes to check whether you are a Member of the House of Lords can view this official confirmation that you are not.

    David Beamish
    Clerk of the Parliaments

    15 July 2011


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