Background Briefing for Mockton’s NZ visit

Christopher Monckton speaking in Melbourne last year. (Photo: Australian Conservative.)

Apparently Christopher Monckton will visit New Zealand for a few days (August 4 – 7) at the end of his Australian tour. His fanboys in the local climate change denier/contrarian/sceptic groups will obviously do their best to make as much publicity out of the visit as possible.

Others who want a more balanced assessment of Monckton might like to listen to the Backgrounder prepared by the Australian ABC (see Background Briefing – 17 July 2011 – The Lord Monckton roadshow). It includes extensive recordings of Monckton’s statements plus checking of many of his claims (he is often completely wrong and misrepresents science and scientists). There is also information on his mining industry financial backers.

The backgrounder illustrates how Monckton is attempting to whip up an anti-science and anti-scientists campaign (listen to him present his aim to prosecute and imprison scientists). The experience of the reporter who was exposed to the hysterical anti-media campaign at one of his meetings is also enlightening.

Download Audio – 17072011
Listen Now – 2011-07-17

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9 responses to “Background Briefing for Mockton’s NZ visit

  1. Dr Kennedy Graham has agreed to debate Monckton in Auckland on the 4th August at the AUT campus.

    I haven’t heard Dr Graham speak before, but he has a distinguished career in public policy and as a diplomat, so I hope that this will be an interesting and civil discussion.


  2. Andy – “I hope that this will be an interesting and civil discussion.” Better ask Christopher to omit his facism slide then!!


  3. Ken, I don’t think there will be swastikas at this meeting.
    That gaffe was pretty embarrassing all round, I have to agree there.


  4. Monckton always does a Gish Gallop.

    (Google it. It’s a bog-standard creationist technique commonly used in “debates”. No really, google it if you are unfamiliar with it and make sure you understand how the technique works and why it’s dishonest. Don’t just take my word for it. Google it.)

    As Richard pointed out, the best way to slow things down for a bit of fact checking and source verification is have a written debate. Bit harder to dish out waffle and run away from scrutiny in a written debate.
    That’s why Monckton shies away from them.
    It’s not the circus sideshow he’s looking for.

    However, I told Bob that I would be happy to do a written, online debate with Monckton. Why? Because I would have time to check Monckton’s sources to see if they said what he claimed. Bob wrote back that he thought it was a reasonable suggestion. A few months later, Bob came back and offered me $5000 to do the debate, and I refused, but renewed my offer to do an online, written debate (for free!!!) His answer was simply, β€œNo.” No explanation.


  5. Andy – I think mad Moncktoin and his talks are “pretty embarrassing all round”.


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  7. You guys don’t practice what you claim to preach.

    “The Mind Don’t Work if it’s closed”

    So why do you do all you can to stop Lord Monkton from speaking and debating?


  8. So Fairfacts Media – Whta exactly have I done to stop mad Moincktoin form “speaking and debating?”
    No answer?
    Strange seeing you claimed I had done all I could to stop him!

    There is some real perverted thinking if idiots see a conspiracy in cases like this. Sure Monckton has the same rights as everyone else. But rights to free speech don’t give every indiividaul the privelige of appearing on a TV programme when they desire it. Nor does it give them the right that anyone else should pfovide them with a false authority by at5tending their meeting or appearing on their stage.

    That is a case of a mind not working because it is definitely shut for busnienss.


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