Monckton messes own nest

Ever get the impression the Christopher Monckton may have reached his use-by date? Maybe even well past it?

Looks like this might be the case as the climate change denier/sceptic/contrarian groups trying to organise a programme for him in New Zealand are having problems. Their hero has become so repugnant that dreams of huge publicity for their cause seems to facing the harsh truth of reality.

Apparently, TV programmes Q&A and Close-up are no longer interested. And the host for their Auckland event, Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ), has pulled out and left the mess to The Climate Realists – a rather nasty little conspiracy group.

Avoiding reality

Of course this groups is unwilling to face up to the fact that Monckton has been caught out so many times telling outright lies, misrepresenting climate science, attacking scientists and their science, that he no longer has any appeal; except to the committed climate change denier or contrarian. After all, Monckton often compares his debate partners to Nazis, he argues that climate scientists should be prosecuted and imprisoned. And even that perhaps “. . . no one should be allowed to practice in any of the sciences, particularly in those sciences that have become the mere political footballs of the leading pressure-groups, unless he can certify that he adheres to one of those major religions – Christianity outstanding among them – that preach the necessity of morality . . .”. (see Monckton requires religious certification for scientists?)

Consequently, most serious legitimate scientists now refuse to debate with this guy. After all, such debates do far more for Mockton’s CV than they  for the climate scientist. The media is coming to see that he is so far out that without the appearance of a real controversy he is not worth interviewing.

But, true to form, these Climate realists must explain the problem as a conspiracy. As “things that have been going on behind the scene”. They explain the negative reaction of PRINZ members to their organisation being used in this way as conspiring to prevent “someone whose opinions are perceived as being ‘outside the politically correct mantra’ from speaking in public.”  (Of course no one has taken away that right from Monckton. he is still going ahead with a meeting but has lost endorsement of the PRINZ).

They see their inability to find someone reputable to debate with Monckton as another conspiracy. But again, what they have really lost is the opportunity to use such a scientist to provide credibility to the concept of a scientific controversy where none really exists. The same old tactic that creationists always attempt to use.

There is no conspiracy. This is just the result of Monckton’s own behaviour. He has made a mess in his own nest and is now facing the consequences.

2 responses to “Monckton messes own nest

  1. Richard Christie

    Cedric, you have it all wrong, Al Gore ain’t evil because he’s fat, it is because he tampered with the air conditioning.

    So says Mad Monckton NMHL (Never Member of House of Lords),%20Aug%204%2010.00%20trn-newstalk-zb-akl.asf

    Listen and weep.


  2. Awful. Just listening to that would make anyone lose IQ points.

    Too many people think the science is settled because …people on the public tit tell you so

    Paranoia. Them there durned scientists say anything to get your money! Oogity Boogity!!

    A war for your mind and a war for your dollar thought tax. A war for your future and your freedom

    Yep, it’s a global war. “They” are taking over. Breivik must be so proud.

    1) Monckton is a mathematician.
    2) He has “specific expertise” in “modeling”.
    3) He was a science policy advisor to Thatcher.
    4) IPCC theories are based on models.
    5) Monkcton is an expert on mathematical modeling so…he’s qualified to debate the topic.

    Spot how many errors there are in that short list. It’s an awesomely screwy form of thinking combined with basic factual errors.


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