There is something about Wellington

This lovely video, filmed & edited by Ro Tierney on August 15th 2011, says something about New Zealanders. Well, about Wellingtonians, at least.

Where else do you find people venturing out into the snow in shirts?

Mind you, as a born and bred Wellingtonian I assure you this snowfall was unique.

Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) on Vimeo on Vimeo

Thanks to Lyndon Hood (@lyndonhood)

5 responses to “There is something about Wellington

  1. Yep. I saw multiple people wearing various combinations of shorts, jandals and sandals in Wellington today. What is funnier, is that only one of them looked cold.


  2. I love Wellington… time for a road trip soon I think! Too many books not enough reality!


  3. The perfidy of global warming knows no bounds.


  4. How come NASA doesn’t admit that this whole global warming thing is a gigantic global conspiracy now that it is snowing in a city? Dumb scientists. They can’t fool people that read the newspaper.

    Climate & Weather


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