Hitler objects to atheist charge

I haven’t seen any of those dubbed Hitler raves lately – until last night.

And this one seems very fitting. He is reacting to the claim, made by some religious apologists, that he was an atheist.

A load of rubbish, of course, as Hitler points out.

Hitler Learns Christians Claim He Is An Atheist – YouTube.

Thanks to @akicktotheeye

16 responses to “Hitler objects to atheist charge

  1. Interesting too that Hitler was a socialist. National Socialist of course, but nevertheless still a socialist. His policies were all about collectivism and state control.


  2. I think what was the first post on the youtube site when i looked at it is an important one and an oft overlooked point. Even if Hitler WAS an atheist , he still used Christianity as a tool to get people to commit great crimes and do great evil. So even if he WAS an atheist Christianity still has a lot of thinking to do about why its followers were able to be manipulated and turned to hate by a certain rendering of their own beliefs. the debate about Hitler’s personal beliefs is therefore almost irrelevant – the difficult questions remain for us in either case.


  3. Hitler was educated at a Jesuit College in Vienna. He remand a Roman Catholic until his death. It was the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) that were responsible for getting Hitler into power. The Papal Nuncio at the time was Cardinal Pacelli. There are many photos of Roman Catholic Cardinals in Berlin with Hitler giving the Nazi salute. Hitler based his ideas for his Third Reich on those of the Jesuits. “Mein Kamp” was ghost written by a Jesuit priest Fr. Bernhard Stempfle..


  4. Cardinal Pacelli later became Pope Pius XII


  5. The Roman Catholic Church was four-square behind conservative and fascist movements throughout Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. The clerical (catholic) parties in Germany and Austria were major Hitler supporters and helped him to power in Germany in 1933, and later in the Anschluss. The modern Vatican state is a product of Mussolini’s Italy, through the Lateran Treaty of 1929. It was never recognized by the US until Reagan’s time. The Spanish Civil War saw the church firmly on the Franco side, and its position within the Spanish state was thus guaranteed until the 1980s. The ravings in the video appear correct as to fact. How the church squares all this with the basic christian message can test even the Jesuits’ rhetoric


  6. Yes. I think being able to recognize the horrible corruption (in my opinion) of Christianity that has happened in the past is essential to make sure the same thing does not happen in the future.

    Case in point – the mixture of nationalism, right-wing idiology and Christianity mixed hear should set off alarm bells:



  7. But…but…but…um………he wasn’t a true scotsman?


  8. There is an Indian, who was raised in India, has lived in India his whole life, has never visited Scotland, knows nothing about Scotland… and yet people start calling him Scottish. In THIS case it would, I am sure you agree, be appropriate to say people are wrong and he just is not Scottish. SOMETIMES your quip works. Other times it does not. You need to learn to not over use this witticism so it does not lose its punch.


  9. There is an Indian, who was raised in India, has lived in India his whole life, has never visited Scotland, knows nothing about Scotland… and yet people start calling him Scottish.

    Stupid analogy. There’s no reason to call him Scottish in the first place.
    Think before you post nonsense.

    SOMETIMES your quip works.

    It ALWAYS works when I use it because I use it CORRECTLY.
    ( But thanks for your concern)
    In the case of Hitler, the no True Scotsman fallacy is almost inevitable to crop up. No Christan wants him on their side.


  10. “Stupid analogy. There’s no reason to call him Scottish in the first place.”

    Well done!


  11. I see the auto-troll is still working its way through the posts on this website!


  12. Fortunately, there are a few commentators out there who have the historical and theological background to dissect all this nonsense, though they get little traction in the US where the real battles are under way.

    The protestant evangelical/fundamentalists are truly scary, for the reasons so well outlined in the article Max W quotes above. Their influence on US politics, fuelled by Fox News and the like, should not be underestimated.

    It is interesting that JFK’s catholicism was queried in the 1960 campaign, but the US roman catholic church these days is on the back foot. Paedophile priests have not only corroded its moral authority among the faithful, but also practically bankrupted some of their dioceses.

    On the other hand rightwing fundamentalism has access to staggering amounts of money, and these people are prepared to fight on all fronts. Evolution, abortion, global warming are key US political issues – and fighting literally too, with the US military, wherever they feel inclined.

    Clearly, gods are man-made, and you can choose for yourself….

    (To get back to Hitler and Mussolini, neither was ever excommunicated.)


  13. Tony Blair converted to Catholicism.
    Look where he got us.


  14. Richard Christie

    Where did he get us Mick? just a thought.


  15. Where did he get us Richard?
    Into Iraq and Afganistan?

    Just a thought


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