Demolishing Craig on morality

Here’s another video on human morality.

This from a series produced by Qualia Soup. It’s the third in a series of four, so far.

Morality 3: Of objectivity and oughtness.

This one is interesting because it demolishes the naive deductive logic used by William Lane Craig who claims morality as a “proof” for the existence of his god. It also deals with the common misinterpretation of Hume’s “is-ought” problem.

Thanks to: Debunking Christianity.

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4 responses to “Demolishing Craig on morality

  1. I was agreeing until he tried to argue that slugs are not intrinsically revolting. The revoltingness of slugs is so obvious that it must be an objective fact. Hence his argument fails.


  2. The repulsiveness of those slugs is just further proof that objective revoltingness exists. And you know what that means…


  3. Max, you have no soul.
    Slugs are some of the most romantic species there are.

    Weird mating calls of the leopard slug – Life in the Undergrowth –


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