Higgs and homeopathy

With all the news lately about the Large Hadron Collider and evidence for the Higg’s field I had to laugh at this little twitter exchange I saw this morning. It was apparently sparked by an advocate providing a quantum proof of homeopathy.

5 responses to “Higgs and homeopathy

  1. Why do so many of these men put so much energy into denying something that obviously works? If you like to think you’re a geek, then seek truth, don’t engage in ridicule. It shows you are petty and closeminded.


  2. Obviously, Andy Lewis and his buds are not interested in real discussion or information. All they enjoy is the sound of their brains spewing cute puns of de Nial.


  3. I guess lack of a sense of humour is common with those adhering to dogma.

    RJ – the most reliable way to “seek truth” is by taking a scientific approach. I rely on that approach to inform me about scientific, and pseudoscientific, claims. And I know enough about physics and chemistry to recognise when people are using “quantum talk” as bafflegab.


  4. Deepak Chopra laces every second word with “quantum” this and “quantum” that. It sounds so very sciency.
    Yet woo remains woo.

    Homeopathy is water. How many times does it need to be said?
    It’s water, you morons. There’s nothing in it. You are being ripped off.
    Get in the sack.

    Dara O’Briain: Science doesn’t know everything


  5. This title of blog is based on pseudo refuting. If the article and “tweats” no discuss work named “Homeopathic Potentization Based on Nanoscale Domains”. Thus Mr. Duck (lewis) and skeptiks no discuss, the best arguments of this skeptiks is “just water” and “my knowledges in physicis and chemic…bla,bla..”


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