Souvenirs for scientists

I love these Matryoshka dolls: Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Sagan and Hawking

Matryoshka dolls are great ornaments – and kids, especially the very young ones, love to play with them. I have been aware that the whole idea of these traditional dolls has been extended to produce sets of politicians, for example, as souvenirs. However, this is the first set I have seen of scientists.

A great idea – along the lines of standing on the shoulders of giants. Just the thing for a scientist’s desk.

Now, I wonders of there are sets for biologists,chemists, mathematicians, . . .

Thanks to Rachana BhatawdekarΒ  @astrogeek03

Thanks also to Darcy who hunted down the original source. These dolls were constructed by as a gift for his girlfriend who was majoring in astronomy. He talks about it on his post Astronomatryoshkas

8 responses to “Souvenirs for scientists

  1. I love these


  2. Where can we get these?


  3. Yes, where? I must have these! πŸ™‚


  4. These were manufactured by by Nate Bellegarde – I have added a note and link to my post. Contact him, I guess.


  5. where the truck is einstein? or is he the material that each doll is crafted from?


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  7. Sure wish there some female scientists such as Curie included.


  8. albert einstein is missing


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