The silliness of a self-proclaimed “investigative journalist”

Just imagine it. You call on your car mechanic when you have a serious health problem. Or ask your oncologist to service your car.

Who would be so stupid?

Ian Wishart's "investigative journalism"

Well its amazing the lengths some people go to when they are in denial. New Zealand’s self-described leading “investigative journalist,” Ian Wishart, seems to be advocating doing just that with his article NASA rocked by climate change revolt.

NASA rocked by a revolt – my arse!

Ian is referring to the latest little “scandal” occupying the climate denial echo chamber. The letter from 49 retired or former NASA engineers and astronauts asking NASA to refrain from making statements on the findings of their climate scientists.  Skeptical Science points out that the 49 signatories  “include 23 administrators, 8 astronauts, 7 engineers, 5 technicians, and 4 scientists/mathematicians of one sort or another (none of those sorts having the slightest relation to climate science).”

So these guys want the public statements of NASA on climate science to be determined by anyone but the climate scientists! And local climate change deniers are delusional, (or dishonest) enough to describe these signatories as “specialists with intimate knowledge of the nature of atmosphere and space. “

This letters supported by lists of inappropriate non-experts on the subject are a common tactic of climate (evolutionary science, tobacco harm, etc.) deniers. They are not news. And Wishart’s promotion of this one just shows the pathetic levels of his “investigation” skills.

I like this comment made at Think Progress post about this “news:” – NASA Climate ‘Skeptics’ Respond With Science! Just Kidding:

Let’s put the astronauts in this group in a press conference and ask for volunteers from among them to serve as crew members on the maiden flight to Mars onboard a spacecraft designed, engineered, and built by 49 climate scientists.”

Make that retired climate scientists! And perhaps throw in a few self-described “investigative journalists.”

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12 responses to “The silliness of a self-proclaimed “investigative journalist”

  1. I can’t decide if dear old Ian and the rest of the climate denier cabal are lazy, stupid or just flat out liars.

    I love the Think Progress quote, it’s spot on. If we can accept the opinion of any ignoramus on any technical subject then I do insist Ian and the rest of the climate change ‘skeptics’ come to me, a software developer, for treatment the next time they have a headache (or something more serious, preferably).

    I figure I might be able to find my way around a skull with minimal damage… I mean, how hard could brain surgery be anyway? I’ve watched a couple of YouTube video’s and I’ll read a book on the brain before I get started. Maybe.

    What could possibly go wrong?


  2. Chris Kyle Link

    NASA ,don’t they have to hitch a ride to their own space station
    And have a history of O rings leaking due to sub zero temps on space shuttles!!!!


  3. Chris, are you trying to make any point relative to this post?


  4. Retired climate scientists don’t have jobs and reputations to be careful about.


  5. What’s your point Ross? Not at all clear to me.


  6. Richard Christie

    I can’t decide if dear old Ian and the rest of the climate denier cabal are lazy, stupid or just flat out liars.

    In Wishart’s case it’s both.


  7. Richard Christie

    RossN | April 15, 2012 at 5:51 pm |
    Retired climate scientists don’t have jobs and reputations to be careful about.
    Ken | April 15, 2012 at 6:46 pm |
    What’s your point Ross? Not at all clear to me.

    Ross is implying that working scientists are being intimidated into silence by career considerations.
    Of course he provides no evidence, just lays his eggs and flies away as per usual with konspracy theorists.


  8. But there aren’t any climate scientists in these 49 – retired or otherwise. Mainly administrators, engineers and astronauts – no climate skill at all in any of them.


  9. Richard Christie

    Yeah Ken, it’s because it is just obvious that all the climate scientists are intimidated into silence, either that or are all willingly in cohoots to deceive the entire planet.
    It’s all crystal clear in Ross’s universe.


  10. Yep, all the climate scientists are intimidated into silence.
    Poor devils.
    Say what you like about these Hard Left Marxist tax-guzzling freedom-hating ecofascists, they have managed to maintain the best global
    conspiracy in history for over fifty years. All those scientists, covering all
    the relevent Earth Sciences, and they are all controlled…somehow.
    Some say it’s by the black helicopters.
    Some say it’s with invisible dollar bills that are never actually spend on things like sports cars and big houses.
    Some say it’s done using sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.
    (Oh wait, that’s from a movie or something. Darn)
    And nobody spills the beans.
    Not once.
    Not ever.
    Nobody reveals the secret Mr Big behind it all.
    Nobody reveals the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day working of the organization. Nobody knows how they weed out the potential troublemakers or keep the deathbed confessions from leaking out or control the jilted, enraged scientist’s wife who is hell-bent on revenge and wants to destroy her cheating shit of a husband by revealing all his papers and notes to the press.
    It’s the perfect conspiracy.


  11. Rational Persuader

    Well, a great many auto mechanics and doctors are not competent, won’t listen to the facts.
    Then there’s the CBS pooh-baths, including Dan Rather, who failed to do a basic authenticity check on a letter – they tried to pull the argument from authority logical fallacy.


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